Sunday , January 17 2021

No, NASA scientists did not have the secret secret Apocalypse & # 39; show up

Another day, another article falsified the words of a scientist.

This article comes from Russian public websites on Sputnik News website; According to them, a NASA scientist would "reveal a secret signal to apocalypse".

So, for direct implementation, we will tell you, Michelle Thaller, the astronomer and assistant director of the science department of the NASA Goddard Center.

In the new segment of the Big Think segment of YouTube, Thaller responded to the question of the theoretical conspiracy: what do scientists call us about a slow apocalypse?

According to Sputnik, Thaller shows "one of the most reliable signals coming from the apocalypse".

So what was it? Well, apparently & # 39; Secret & # 39; It is: "All scientists buy a great deal of wine every day, credit cards increase and disappear, and that is why you want to worry," below Thaller videos (below).

However, this was not the end of the sentence.

"However, this is not the way we do it," adds Thaller. "We are people, and knew something that was dangerous, we could not hide it".

An apocalypse signal, most likely NASA wrote about its discoveries and would soon release it to the public; of course, as exciting as secret secrets other than the Internet.

In the same interview, Thaller also warns that NASA has the crash of Earth's disaster asteroid, but as previously reported by ScienceAlert, we have to go a long way before searching and forwarding fails.

But Thaller's final point could be the most important.

Asked about questions about "what is NASA hiding" for some people, scientists point out that "the hidden monolithic group looks and wants to hide things that they see."

"This does not persuade conviction theories, but I also know one thing I like most about our science [at NASA] how accessible and how much is it it would be It tells you, even if something bad happened. "

If you want to hear the whole segment, the whole video is below.

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