Tuesday , May 18 2021

North Magnetic Pole Shifts, Forcing Update for Navigation

A rapid and unstable change in the polonium north requires the release of a new model of Earth's magnetic field for the military and civil navigation around the Arctic. The partial shutdown of the federal government will extend beyond January 15 to January 30 before upgrading the United States military application.

No one is very sure why the changes have accelerated and why the area has grown for the last time, according to Nature.

The pre-magnetic field model was released in 2015 and updates are in the 5-year period. However, the changes are military and civil navigation, especially in the Arctic Ocean, whose latest revision was to appear in 2019. The rise of 2016 occurred after the last model and was criticized for more than four years. .

This update does not cause a GPS receiver and does not rely on a magnetic north magnet. A recipient receives signals from multiple satellites that know the exact location in orbit and use trilateral (signaling intersection) to determine a location. However, the satelite orbit is optimized for the best in the world and other factors reduce Arctic's GPS accuracy and accuracy.

The magnetic North Pole has never been a fixed point, but the north wing, when the magnetic compasses match their character, the movement of the last 40 years has accelerated at the beginning of the decade. (North geographic pole and Northern North Pole are not a specific relationship: the first cartographers have space.)

First, in 1831, the Arctic of Canada was measured, the pole moved slowly to the north. In the 1990s, the year-to-year change accelerated between 10 and 30 thousand. This led to a 600-kilometer change over 150 years. Currently, the Arctic Ocean and Siberia.

The Earth's liquid core contributes most to the magnetic field of the planet. When chops and flows occur, the field changes around the world, and identifies the northern pulley as "top".

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