Sunday , January 17 2021

Notley is fueled by "cruelty" for Ottawa's oil and gas

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley expresses frustration for Wednesday's lack of progress in completing the Trans Mountain petrol station.

Thanks to Notley's comments, Amarjeet Sohi denounced natural resources in his portfolio.

He said it was probably a good thing that Sohi could cause further delay before the outcome of the indictment of the National Engery Board.

"Albertans still demands that the federal government push and defend the industry, we are trying to get rid of the lack of sufficient capacity to obtain oil and gas markets," Notley said.

"We've talked about it. We talked about the train. We've talked about plans in other places, and we have not heard anything from the federal government."

Notley reiterated its government last year to transport more 120,000 additional barrels for the purchase of rail cars, which is the third in Canada's railroad movement.

They are following discussions about a Purchase Agreement, he said.

It was asked by the current Liberal government that voters should receive another mandate in the federal elections this year.

"The matter is a fact, the previous government, even from a political party, did not do that," he said.

"Honestly, the reflections that Albertans has made to the extent of frustration that he has so far up to date … he's been doing for decades."

Report from Trans Mountain in February

The federal government bought Trans Mountain and a $ 4.5 million expansion project, in the summer of last year, was resolved by the Federal Court of Justice in accordance with the energy approval. The court said that it was inadequate for the consultation of indigenous people and that there were no impacts on the marine environment.

The final report of the Council must be submitted to the federal cabinet until February 22.

Notley said that participation should have nothing to help the resource sector, that is, the economic engine for the whole of Canada.

The current federal government has achieved at least one thing, he said.

"This project was endangered by decades of instability, the federal government has been able to buy the pipeline, which is nothing. Darn is losing interest in getting things done."

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