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Officer of the "Rocky" Wisdom Bombs franchise


When you play a Rocky movie, come up with the story. Plotwise: The story of "bum" will be the same for some champions. Wise music, Bill Conti and the most powerful "orchestra" will be the orchestra builder. And the wise script will be the wisdom bombs … at the end of the lines that darken the bomb and the most adorable way by age. It is based on an all-inspired system, but it does not work, it really does not work.

Hope Creed III gather wisdom some memorable bombs, and you should complete it according to wisdom, like real bombs, to get your skin to death.

"I thought other people thought it long ago, as you think you think." -Rocky Balboa his son, Rocky Balboa (2006)

Sooo … If you do not think about it, as others think about you, think about what they think, thinking you're not thinking of what you think, think about it. .tank … hello, my name is Rocky Balboa, and I do not think I'm really happy.

Is this a good tip? I think it's "yourself".

"Do you want to have a good time? Then you need a good watch!" -Rocky Balboa television ad, Rocky II (1979)

Yes, but a watch can not be healed by debilitating depression.

Is this a good tip? See above.

"Rounding up, you do not think – this is the difference in your life. " -Rocky's nine-year-old son Rocky Balboa, Jr. Rocky IV (1985)

Yes, that's right, if you're a professional fighter and you have to go to another game, you die. We will all come to Balboa in the decade of the 80s, but the wisdom is bad and everybody knows. Just forget about your towel or your essential limits, and it will last forever for permanent brain damage.

Is this a good tip? & # 39; Try a little harder & # 39 ;, your physical well-being is not threatened, dad is a good tip.

"Stay school and use your brain, have a doctor, be a lawyer, take a leather suitcase, forget about sports as a profession, and you smell and smell sports – be a thinker, not a bit." -According to local news reporters Rocky (1976)

Boxer Apollo Creed seems to be destroying itself here so that it is already in the wrong direction. You have not thrown the storefront as you do it, point it out, look at the trash at the same time. But that is not here, nor is it; Also, we are not here in the 1970s. Facebook presents you as human organizations and is a million-dollar entrepreneur. Even with her suitcase, she probably stinks.

Is this a good tip? Perhaps the world does not require any other law.

"See, you use dirty words and maybe you become a whore." -Rocky Balboa, a local girl on the street, swears too much, Rocky (1976)

Classic Balboa brain 70s. Bad mumblings were caused by prostitutes that were lit by women around the world in 1976.

Is this a good tip? Quite surprised, this is not one 12 Rules.

"You can not do anything when you are studying. That's life. As long as you're talking, you do not hear." -Rocky during the Adonis Creed training session, Creed (2015)

Of course, you learn a lot. Adonis asks a question a lot Creed.

Is this a good tip? Have an active listener & # 39; it's good in the first days.

"It's empty. I got gaps. Together, we've filled the gaps." -Rocky Balboa at the Paulie Pennino car park, Rocky (1976)

Replace the "gaps" luggage and understand why the divorce rates were so high in the 70s. I think it's good, Rock.

Is this a good tip? I guess someone has mistakes. You go down with the mistakes you really live with.

"It's a right to listen to your gut, no one would have any right whatsoever to say where you are and what you want to do." – An older Rocky Balboa during a verbal battle in his boxer's license Rocky Balboa (2006)

It is not at the commission panel anyone wants to call Rocky to call an old geezer here, which is more propitious than wisdom bombs worth more than that. Someone pauses the pause, maybe … maybe you think it's good. You have the right to listen to your gut, but it must be wrong.

Is this a good tip? Sometimes your gut is a real dick.

"Nobody leaves anyone". You owe it to yourself. " -Rocky Balboa Paul Paulie Pennino, Rocky III (1982)

Simple, timeless bad here. It is just as good as the old man. It's not just a single person who knows how to get the leechy brother like Paulie.

Is this a good tip? Sure beats "love your neighbor"

"I've seen a lot of changes in the fight, I feel about myself and I feel that way. Here, two boys killed each other, but I think it's better than twenty million. What I mean when I guess I can change it and change it Everyone can change! " -Rocky Balboa, Russian opponent Ivan Drago after his win, Rocky IV (1985)

The budget was killed by the Soviet Union.

Is this a good tip? The budget was killed by the Soviet Union.

"Do you see something back looking? This is your hardest opponent. I think it's true in the ring and I think that's true in life." -Rocky Adonis Creed in his first training session, Creed (2015)

This and fall into your mind and youthful romance commitment. If Adonis thought that he knew nothing of himself, when he was against the world, wisdom would not hold him. In fact, the budget tension would be used for self-sufficiency.

Is this a good tip? Your worst enemy is the classic one of the reasons.

"In one step, one punch at a time, one round at a time." -Rocky Adonis Creed in another training session, Creed (2015)

It is slow and boring, but the mind reminds us that the greatness must come step by step. When Adonis looked at his eyes, in front of a mirror, he reminded him of the steps he had started rising. It's a tough advice for you to be younger, but when it's considered masterpiece, it's pretty absurd. Take it slow

Is this a good tip? Get your 10,000 hours, dawg.

"You do not have to hang your boyfriend around coconuts, you get it anywhere, they're lemons. You hang up with people, you get nice friends, do you understand them? You hang up with smart people that are friends with you, hang on with yo-yo, friends You get it. Mathematics is simple. " -Rocky Balboa, a local girl on the street, swears a bit too much, Rocky (1976)

The early Balboa-isms connect together with yo-yo and coconuts, but they prove it. This was Rocky Cocoa, in this interview, so the coconut could confuse coconuts.

Is this a good tip? This is not in English.

"You must be Moron to be a fighter." -Rocky Balboa, Adriana, talks about why she chooses the box, Rocky (1976)

Or desperate But nine times out of 10, Balboa was a moron. I do not think this is true.

Is this a good tip? It's not really a suggestion, but it's a precise statement.

"I know, they always say they live in one place, that's the place." -Rocky Paulie Pennino before the media training session. Rocky Balboa (2006)

We began to take local languages, styles and customs to all of us. From now on, I'm overweight, it's depression in the season, and I dream asleep as I write. This place is called journalism and I live there. This is a great dose of wisdom, but occasionally depression.

Is this good tip? Here is wisdom, rock.

"It takes everyone's time. Time has been lost." -Rocky, Adonis, to his father, Apollo Creed, Creed (2015)

On the way to work, I felt pain at my feet. I do not know how it arrived, but I know what it causes: time. You get older, the more mysterious. Certainly, it's kind of "yeah, yeah". So, of course, if you are not reading this age, to have full immortality at the point, your hand will always be. Duh.

Is this good tip? Rock for the truth of truth, Christ.

"You see, fear is the best fighter friend, you know, but nothing is embarrassed, see, he frightens them sharply, you keep awake, you know, you want to survive. Do you know what I mean? But the thing is, how can you control it? . OK? Why? Fear is like this fire, right? And inside it is burning deeply. " -Rocky: Tommy & # 39; Machine & # 39; Coach Gunn and son, Rocky Balboa Jr. Rocky V (1990)

This directly contradicts brain damage advice Rocky V But, well, he reminds us that all the fears survive the dumbass movement drives us, but equally, we avoid the greatness.

da good advice Embrace your fears, embrace the greatness. Buy a PlayStation.

"Now, when we were fighting, the eye of the tiger was on me, on the edge! Now you have to go back and the way back is coming back from the beginning." -Appo Rocky was former coach during the session, Rocky III (1982)

It's all about energy. Apollo "Hypeman" Creed believes this and without any unnecessary allegiance: Rocky and the audience help bring back the hungry and hungry hungry.

Is this a good tip? It's definitely a good idea to remember where you came from.

"It does not matter what happens to other people, if that's something you want, and if you need to do something, then you do it. Fighter's fight."Wife Marie Rocky, Rocky Balboa (2006)

Yes, and the fighter achieves the brain damage, but it's pity. Emotions had a great reputation in this scene, so if we distinguish this ring, it will be stronger. In the current language, you have never been able to solve decisions that you have never had to deal with.

Is this a good tip? Yes

"Nothing real is who you believe in!" -Rocky, a lie to Adriani, when he fought with Draco, Rocky III (1982)

That makes a great budget Matrix, But with the context, I still do not know what it means.

Is this a good tip? Solipsism is cool.

"It will not be so hard to hit you – how hard it is to achieve success and move forward. The more you take it, go ahead, the way that the winner is." -Rocky Balboa Rocky Balboa Jr. when it is heated in return, Rocky Balboa (2006)

Classically corny, classically classy, ​​and classically direct. Rocky's age is nowadays, and there is no time left for bushes. Of course, he confesses his son as much as we like in him, but he does not have to put on his clothes. As he does not associate with the analogous sportsman, he does not love the reality of our lives, he still blasts his wisdom bomb.

Is this a good tip? Hell now.

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