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Offshore General Contract Drills Market Forecast 2023 – Durable Operating Cost Driving Market –


Offshore contract drilling market – Growth, trends and forecast (2018 –
2023) "
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Offshore drilling platforms are directly linked to the request
and offshore exploration and development costs worldwide
oil and gas companies.

The year-on-year decline in oil prices decreased
As a result, the offshore drilling request has been reduced
Services became economical for many projects to make them market less
Latest bidding. From the beginning of the fall,
The drilling contractor has 100 mobile phones and 50 retired people

Improvements in market and demand expansion, newer and higher specifications
In order to get the recruitment prizes, the expected increase is expected
Older and fewer ones are not returned to global assets

With the recovery signal, it has shown some usage rates
Improvement along with the duration of the contract. However, they are day rates
Still showing significant improvement.

Operating costs lower the market drive

For example, ExxonMobil, Shell,
ConocoPhillips and Chevron succeeded
About approximately 80% of high levels
Barrel of USD40 between 2014 and 2016 in different regions. The
Breakeven's cost is mainly due to a decline in improvement
last recovery, bottom drilling and final cost and structural

Although Breakeven's price has grown a bit over the last time,
It is lower than the crude oil price. June 2018, Norwegian
The Parliament approved Johan's $ 5.85 billion development plan in Johannesburg
The Castgen project will begin in 2022 to begin production
The project development cost 2013 project was evaluated
Slowly, less than $ 31 USD for bark for eleven kilos.

Jackups is one of the biggest markets

Jackups are the most widely used modes
Up to 400 depths of water, that is, shallow water. About 125
Jackups older than 30 are idle and contracted
Approximately 65 jackups over 65 have expired
End of 2018 without continuation. Recovery of necessary expenses
aging platforms cost a lot and will be diverted
Cold-Stacked, expected in 2018 and 2019.

The segmental segment of the water segment is on the way to recovery
The price of merchandise, and its use foresees to improve
In the second half of 2018, when demand is increasing, demand is higher.

Jackups Rigs is driven by the Middle East,
Following in Europe and Asia between 2018 and 2020. It is also a competition
Expected to be significant as the new construction of new ideas
In recent years, competition has begun.

Market developments

  • Transocean SL received a contract for deep water
    GSF Development Driller I semi-detached, 11 good contract
    (approximately 955 days) from the Australian coast to the first
    Chevron Australia, half 2019. By excluding integrated services,
    The limited day contract signed for the contract is approximately USD 158 million.
    In addition, the contract has four good options.

Top Covered Themes

1. Executive summary

2. Research methodology

2.1 Field of study

2.2 Definition of the market

2.3 Learning hypotheses

2.4 Deliverable studies

2.5 Research Phases

3. Offshore contract Overview of the drilling market

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Market Size and Demand Forecast Until 2023

3.3 Offshore Rig Utilization Rates, by Region, 2006-2017

3.4 Offshore Global Active Marine Counter Most Countries

3.5 Offshore USDEX USD million per budget region, up to 2023

3.6 Key Upstream Projects

3.7 Latest trends and developments

4. Market dynamics

4.1 Offshore Contract Drilling Market Controllers

4.2 Offshore contract Drilling market limits

4.3 Offshore contract Drilling market options

5. Supply chain analysis

6. Attractiveness of Industry – Goalkeeper's Five Force Analysis

6.1 Power of negotiation of suppliers

6.2 Consumer negotiation

6.3 New threats to new ones

6.4 Threat of substitute products and services

6.5 Competition Competitiveness intensity

7. Market segmentation and analysis

7.1 Offshore contract drilling market by depth

7.2 Offshore contract by drilling market

8. Analysis of the regional market

8.1 North American Offshore Contract Drilling Market

8.2 Europe Offshore contract drilling market

8.3 South American Offshore Contract Drilling Market

8.4 Asia-Pacific Offshore Contract Punch Market

8.5 Middle East and African Offshore Contract Drilling Market

9. Key business analysis

9.1 Transocean Ltd.

9.2 Seadrill Ltd.


9.4 Noble Drilling PLC

9.5 Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.

9.6 China Oilfield Services Limited

9.7 Rowan company PLC

9.8 Maersk Group

9.9 Ocean Rig UDW Inc.

9.10 Saipem SpA

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