Wednesday , January 26 2022

Oilers lose Los Angeles 4-0


My power came out six minutes before the drop of puck and I would like to stop playing Oilers tonight.

The first round changes were not exactly accurate, as Kings made a whisper and Oilers retreated. In the end, Kyle Clifford scored. After that, Oilers showed a bit of life, creating rows and scoring opportunities in rows. This was not long lasting, when Oilers made an absolute deviation, where Kings could ask for them. Pretty sure, Toffolik scored a second goal.

Do you want to continue?

At least a few minutes later, Jeff Carter won another puck on his own and by chance he made the ice puck. Quick shot before Koskina and score 3-0. In the end, Koskin was shot by Talbot when he replaced three goals in eight shots. The rest of the season had many defensive shots, but fortunately we did not give up.

The second time was much better than before. Oilers started that game and the rest of I and Twitter would be much happier. They played hard and hard with Kings. It was pretty much kept throughout the whole break. Oilers took another six more climatic shots on the net and the three goals still dropped. Cam Talbot played very well, and it was very well-known by Koskinen.

In the third period I remembered the first time except for fewer goals. It was in all countries in total agreement and no one lost much. Kings scored a great goal for the third time and Oilers had a great chance at power play, but nothing happened. Lucic and Kassian were confused by the end of the period after the frustration. Milan's Brendan Leipsic brutally compacted the least. The game could not be finished soon, Oilers won three games on the 10th.


  • I said it earlier and I will say again. I like watching Zack Kassian playing with Connor on the top line. People often forget that Kass was the first to go, and he got level and speed. Draisaitle also played in this line and three of them were, of course, the most advanced line.
  • Oilers had three game powerplays and did not look bad. I mean, they did not have one of those scores, but they created some options and kept the most time. I know that I'm knocking aboard the Bright Side but what can we do?
  • Cam Talbot served as a soldier after Koskin's relief. This is definitely not an easy task, and he did all his power again in the game.
  • Jeff Carter introduced Connor McDavid to a neutral zone near the end of the game. He was successful, but Alex Chiasson took 0.1 seconds to fight against Carter. Captain support was good and it was nice for the Chiasson team tonight.
  • Caleb Jones had another nighttime night tonight at 22:43. He did not look the best, but no one did. If I'm the one I train, I coach enough to give it in just a few minutes.

  • Kyle Clifford made two minutes from Caleb Jones, winning the first goal of the game, driving the net. It was wonderful after Koskin and he finished the ball.
  • Literally, after avoiding three zones, Petrovic and Manning have made a puck over ONE MORE ADDITIONAL TIME, giving Tyler Toffoli the easiest goal to make the game 2-0 for the first time. Siiiiiiighhhh
  • The first whole period was an absolute fire in the trash and I could not take another second. 9-3 shots and Corsek were even worse.
  • Although it was a bit stronger during the second half, Oilers made eight shots in the first half of the game. OTOITZA VIDEOS The game ended on 23-16.
  • Oilers registered this season tonight, the number of shots that he won over the season for FEWEST. (10)
  • Kopitar goalkeeper scored a triumph in the center of his home team in the third half of the game. The fourth goal of the Kings was in this 21 game. Did I say that the kings got the least goals they've got in the whole league? Later you can thank.
  • Kings did a great job at Connor McDavid tonight, the biggest red flag corresponding to the second level. We all know this, but again, if Connor, Leon, or Nuge is not scored, nobody has it.
  • Alex Petrovic made three goals in the ice and only played 12 minutes. I mean, nobody played a good night, but a man trying to surprise a new team, things are not good.
  • Drew Doughty was the first to face Connor McDavid and no one did bad things. They told them they might not see it, but seeing my blood tremble, Doughty laughed at the bench, and I would like to see someone who loved someone.
03:15 los angeles Kyle Clifford (6) ASST: Drew Doughty (20), Derek Forbort (8) 0-1
09:35 los angeles Tyler Toffoli (7) ASST: Drew Doughty (21) 0-2
13:57 los angeles Jeff Carter (8) ASST: Brendan Leipsic (7), Jake Muzzin (13) 0-3
No score
10:15 los angeles Anze Kopitar (10) ASST: Dustin Brown (13), Ilya Kovalchuk (11) 0-4

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