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On Demand HIV testing now available in Internal Health Laboratories – Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing has made it easier for residents living in the Internal Health (IH) region, where Demand testing is now available in IH labs (

Patients can now visit an IH laboratory – including laboratories in the Ashcroft Hospital, Lillooet Hospital and Clinton Health and Wellbeing Centers, and get a HIV test without first visiting doctors or nurses. Patients can fill a laboratory request and add it to the laboratory, adding a blood test to the test laboratory that must be tested or ordered.

"Early diagnosis and progress in treatment and care makes HIV a chronic and unwarranted condition," says Adrian Dix, Health Minister. "The first step is to learn whether HIV is or is it because of Internal Health I applaud the HIV virus for colonial colonies."

On Demand HIV testing began in the Internal Health of 2016, with innovative cooperation with Valley Medical Laboratories in Okanagan. According to the success of this program, Internal Health is excited about expanding the service in the region today.

"Inner Health commits itself to care for the patient and patient care, respecting personal dignity and privacy," says Doug Cochrane, Chair of the Internal Health Council.

"By eliminating the barriers to testing and testing people with their terms, we will make it easier for people who check HIV positive when they need help."

The first diagnosis for HIV treatment is essential, but four people living with HIV do not know about it.

"When they make it easier for HIV to test, they are much more proven," says Maja Karlsson, Harm Reduction and Health Outreache's Health Director. "I encourage everyone who can test everyone's health routine."

Patients who require a test in the IH laboratory will provide information on the test and monitoring process for negative and positive results. Results are available two weeks after the test is done. There is no additional follow-up for the negatively tested patients. The patient with a positive outcome will contact the nurse when they are required to send a doctor, education, monitoring, and doctor.

Non-nominal HIV testing is not carried out on the On Demand program. If you want to try a patient without a name, it can be done by a family doctor or a professional nurse.

On Demand HIV testing is a collaboration between Internal Laboratory Laboratories and STOP HIV. The goal is to improve the transmission and health of those living with HIV.

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