Monday , June 5 2023

On Sundays alone, Fortnite can get free exclusive Walmart Spray


Wanting to improve your Fortnite sprays collection? This weekend you have the opportunity to get free Walmart spray for free. This option is here for a limited time (like the one day). So you want to jump while you can.

How to Get Walmart Exclusive Spray in Fortnite

If you want an exclusive Walmart spray, you must visit Walmart on Sunday, December 2nd At 2 PM local. Not all Walmart locations are involved, so it's necessary to verify yours.

Participants will have a Battle Bus in the store, as explained in the table below.

The tweet reads, "It will be Fortnite Battle Bus in a store. This Battle Bus will have manuscripts to exchange with the spray code."

According to Walmart's promotional release on YouTube, "The latest supplies provide only one customer code."

You can hear a few people already getting spray. This is not correct. It was the result of an accident caused by cigarette "Boogie" spray, which was updated (or tested) for Walmart spray. As directed, Boogie's spray now looks like a new look. You can find out more about the video below.

Walmart spray has a fluorescent fluorescent disc, blue sunglasses and a stunning smile. Do not miss out on your choice. Go to Walmart on Sunday, at 2 in the morning, and good luck. In the meantime, keep all VGR news and updates.

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