Tuesday , January 18 2022

One of Francis's family's cancer diagnoses


Windsor City Council, Fred Francis Town Hall, June 18, 2018. Picture of Mark Brown / Blackburn News.

The city councilor of Windsor maintains its optimism despite the diagnosis of recent cancer.

Fred Francis diagnosed cancer with lymphoma or lymphoma of the nodular sclera on the eve of the year. Councilor Ward 1 said he had pain in his chest last week and did not feel well, tests, and scans to determine the cause of the holidays.

"Since it's horrific for cancer, I'm undergoing treatment while many other communities know they've had a similar challenge," said Francis. "Also, I am rewarding the attention paid by doctors, nurses, care providers and the Center for Cancer".

Francis said the diagnosis of cancer was very prognostic and that the result was very positive. Most people diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease cure treatment, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

"My duties and responsibilities in the town hall will continue to continue to be my best ability, but I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in advance, before returning to my usual pace for several months," he said. Francis.

His sister and wife of Eddie Francis, Michelle Prince, at the age of 47, had a colon cancer in November.

"Michelle allowed our family to spend heartwarming on our community's generosity and comfort, and we're so grateful," said the councilor. "Now I start the only journey of my cancer and I show myself the dignity, strength and positive spirit that one has demonstrated.

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