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One year worth of hacked life is selected

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Reena Nerbas

The guides keep their best secrets:

  • Potatoes remove the food stains from the toes. Slice a potato and use it to use the side shell to clean it, soak it in the usual way. Presented by: Edna
  • Real vanilla (not imitation) is great for keeping ticks and mosquitoes away. Rinse the vanilla on the skin and let it dry, the mosquitoes will not bother you and smell your skin sweet. Presented: Betty
  • Sparkling shades Soak the potatoes in silver with water. Leave 1 hour stand. In the water Presented by: C.C.
  • The white shoe bag is not suppressed. Presented by: Darren (Reena's notes: White shoe bag will look the same before washing the shoe before cleaning the alcohol beforehand).
  • If you slide your windshield, it is not necessary to wear gloves in the wristbands, but you do not want to free your fingers, find an old or cheap pair of walls. Cut a hole at the top – quite large – next to the middle finger. The slip handle must be slid so it is inside the mitt. Voila! Flu and warmth! Presented by: Rekha
  • I want to sing the spring tension praises. I used to use curtains in the windows (it just cut the fabric on some walls) and you do not have to punch molds. I also put barrels in the wall of my cabinets to store different items. I used large (bath sheets) in my workshop to steam and measure fabric. I placed the doors and cabinets with the curtain panels (I removed the doors, so they did not have to enter the room when they opened the room). One on the other as a towel holder on my bathroom sinking (I covered it with a cloth tube). And yes, I use a shower curtain. The main advantage is that you can put on very little outfits. Presented: Patty
  • To keep the fresh smell of rubble waste, mix the baby powder with rubbish. Presented by: Eric
  • Check the hiccups every time. Cut a lemon wedge, add sugar and eat lemon juice. Not only does it taste good, but also the hiccups disappear. Presented: L.B.
  • Back sandpaper tape applied to the handle of sandpaper vibration – it will last five times longer. Presented by: Denis
  • Uncooked pasta before boiling water, grip both hands (one on top of each other). Rotate both hands with counterattacks and place them in a dough. There are potatoes on the pasta pot and cook equally well. Presented by: Adrianne
  • When the onions cut into onions, to keep the burning eyes closed, the cutting board is placed in the lid cover. Smoke goes up and away to avoid tears. Presented by: Grant
  • If you do not have enough eggs to fill cupcake cans, pour 1 tablespoon (15 ml) in filling water. This wants to book your own whims. Presenter: anonymous
  • Remove the labels and permanent household appliances labeled with alcohol and a paper towel. Presented: Janice
  • If you smoke your tongue for hot liquids, fix the pain when you burn the sugar and let it dissolve. Presented: Jordan

Happy New Year!

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