Tuesday , January 18 2022

OPP retrieves the human body from the southern Ottawa lake


Ontario County Police brother-in-law has found a man from Mississippi Lake for 24 hours calling for a car that runs through ice.

The police said Drummond North Themsley Township in a news, a community around the age of 31.

His name was not released.

Sunday 3:45 a.m. In the vicinity, the OPP freed a car's car with Mississippi Lake's ice, Carleton Place, south of Ont.

This map shows the location of Mississippi Lake as a result of an unexpected crash site on January 6, 2019. (CBC)

When they arrived, they found an underground vortex with light.

Three of the ATV's passengers fled with minor injuries, the police said.

While looking for passenger vehicles, the police found another vehicle, completely immersed in the Volkswagen sedan, which was the subject of the original call.

A man who has been immersed in the vehicle has been treated in the hospital to treat hypothermia.

It was believed that a passenger was killed in that vehicle.

Police are still investigating.

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