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Oscar De La Hoya's statement, before Dana Whiter's criticism

Oscar De La Hoya did not respond to Dana White's critics.

The headmaster and current mythical promoter White, the UFC chairman, retreated on Wednesday, sent to his publicist Stefan Friedman. On Tuesday, White De La Hoy made the "UFC Unfiltered" podcast for Chuck Liddell versus. Tito Ortiz 3 on Friday.

In the statement, De La Hoya said White had to close "f * ck".

"Dana is so small and threatened with our success [streaming service DAZN] and now, MMA emphasizes that it continues to develop a decade's innovations, "Read the statement by De La Hoya." Boxing completely ruled out. MMA fighters realize that now they do not have to put their lives at risk, to be rich.

"Golden Boy and I are moving forward and bigger than ever. I should try to close F * ck and find out how to keep his company."

Ortiz Liddell made his first attempt at Golden Boy Promotions in the first round, joined MMA Saturday in Inglewood, California. White has been dead in 48 years against Liddell, his longtime friend, struggling again for a decade. Liddell vs. He won Ortiz 3 under the UFC banner and said Liddell was never fought again.

"I love Chuck Liddell and I never want bad mouth to Chuck Liddell," White said Tuesday. "I think people think Chuck Liddell is remote, but it's a reality – First of all, last week, I heard that" Oscar De La Weirdo "was crashing, I did not have any place to retire. First, 39; friendship is called. I've been a 20 year old friend of Chuck Liddell and retired when he was retired when Chuck Liddell was eight, nine years ago, however long. And Chuck Liddell almost 50 years ago He is fighting for us, and he's not fighting anymore, because the state of California, even if that fight is going on, is bad. It's disgusting. "

Liddell fought in 2010 before Ortiz. It was recommended that the California State Athletic Committee (CSAC) be gathered, saying that Liddell had overcome all medical examinations. But the doctors of CSAC were permanently interrupted by Liddell.

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