Wednesday , October 20 2021

Ottawa announces boost in the malicious sector


Canada's heavy energy industry will get $ 1.6 million boost in Ottawa on Tuesday to stop political and economic bleeding.

Amarjeet Sohi Minister and International Commerce Division Minister Jim Carr will have natural resources at the Northern Alberta Technology Institute in Edmonton. Oil and gas companies will be presented with a support package, reducing prices of oil prices.

The funds will be distributed in various programs, such as money to help companies invest in net growth, loans and other financial aid, to find new markets in the United States and invest in new technologies and training.

Packages, in other words, dedicated to American wood, steel, and aluminum products, directs bumps with new import tariffs.

Reducing the pipes with capacity and some refineries, the fall has fallen, the price of crude Alberta has declined, and it causes an 11-dollar depletion of the yacht sailing.

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