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Ottawa found two men responsible for criminals who had not been refused their death by two sisters

Police Officers' Services at Ottawa use the line-up line that crosses the McCain Road, with the homicide of Nasiba and Asma A-Noor's double sister.

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Two women killed by two sisters were not criminally responsible for two turses on Tuesday, due to a double homicide in December 2016. When he heard the court he experienced vision and hearing hallucination and felt that he was "attacking a monster's children."

Musab A-Noor was not guilty of confessing as a result of an unwanted disorder, when he was killed by him, two sisters, Asma A-Noor, 32, and Nasiba A-Noor, 29.

In December 2016, when Musab was 29, he lived with his mother and three sisters at McCarthy Road. He had previously had three police officers, all for mental health reasons. One month before, his family saw a doctor. More visits were organized.

On the evening of 16, he went to the airport to visit a family to make a flight to a British British colony. He lost his flight and returned to his family home, where they died, Asma and Nasiba. He began to accumulate again and again.

The Somali community remembered the dead sisters as "influence and inspiration". Nasiba studied at the Tarbiyah Learning Center at the Islamic schools in Nevada.

A funeral was held at the Otomandar Jami Omar Mushroom on Sunday, December 18, 2016, sister Asma A-Noor, 32, and Nasiba A-Noor, 29.

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They emphasized their devotion to their lives, family, community and Qur.

The presence of homosexuals and police at the southern end of the city, on Friday night, was reported to reporters on Thursday. Aedan Helmer, a reporter with this newspaper, has a short distance from Musab's train. Musab had his hands in his pockets and was dressed incorrectly on the night of December. After Helmer reported police, Musab was arrested.

Musab "was a significant psychiatric difficulty and stress," deputy Crown lawyer Brian Holowka told the court.

Defense lawyer Samir Adam told the court that his client "was ill at the time of the patient."

Once charged, Musab was catatonic and was not considered to judge the trial. Eventually he was sent to medical treatment. The Court has previously heard that treatment was considered relaxation and psychotropic. However, when the medication had an effect, Musab underwent a deep depression, "by removing the ability to help or advise advice," Holowka said. No rest left the trial.

The Supreme Court of Ontario, Lynn Ratushny, proved to be "clear proof" that medical evidence and evaluations had "acute psychotic intelligence" of "Muslims."

Ratushny said to Musabi, "this has been a horrible tragedy for you and your family." He offered her condolences.

"Thank you," he said.

Musab Royal will be at the Mental Health Center of Ottawa, and the Ontario Review Board will monitor those who are not responsible for appeals for serious offenses or those who do not appeal against recusations.

In addition, it will send a DNA sample that will be stored on a databank.

Ottawa's police murder investigator led Det. Kevin Jacobs has said abuse has "destroyed the family".

"The A-Noor family did not have any events that could have occurred since the beginning, December 16, 2016".

The review board will determine the scope and duration of Musab treatment and take into account the risk factors before leaving the community, Jacobs said.

"Sadly, the actions of Musab were removed from the life of Asma and Nasibaren's sister," Jacobs said.

The A-Noor family continues to demand privacy.

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