Wednesday , September 28 2022

Ottawa should go into stores, said the city's staff


The Ottawa City Council should vote for the public authorities that are going to approve April to bet, it seems to have a great deal of support for residents, according to city staff report.

Almost 24,000 people were interviewed two weeks ago, but about 16,000 were from Ottawa.

Most of the respondents in Ottawa – More than 12,000 respondents or about 80 percent are in favor of retail cannabis stores. Most said they wanted to buy their purchases at a physical store.

On the other hand, Ottawa would receive $ 1 million dollars every year, suggesting reports from stores from cannabis revenue agencies.

Special meeting, December 13

The new board received the copy of the final report of the first report. The Council's special meeting will not be discussed nor discussed until Thursday, December 13, when the Council also listens to public delegations.

The Council does not decide for a long time. The Ontario government only recently approved the board of directors to refer to whether consumers want to stay at the retailers until January 22, 2019.

Jim Watson said in advance that he did not accept a retail sale model, he preferred to sell it through LCBO, as was predicted by the government of the previous province, that there was no reason to exclude it.

The Ontario government has made a decision on retail trade, as municipalities do not say what stores they are or how many can be opened. Instead, the Alkohola and Gaming Commission – the agency that prohibits licensing licenses – will decide what retailer obtains.

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