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Otterbox will show a new "Otter + Pop" case for PopSocket for iPhone and / or customizable


OtterBox today announced the CES 2019 with PopSockets in a case specifically designed with PopGrips. PopSockets are superb plastic circles that connect people to iPhones backstage.

OtterBox + PopSockets's "Otter + Pop" case aims to try to solve the most important concept.

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The Otter + Pop case is part of the Otterbox Symmetry Series, that is, sleek cases in the case of iPhone. On the surface, Otter + Pop seems like a similar symmetry case, but the background is interesting.

In the background, you will find a built-in PopGrip. What stands out here, however, pops it out completely with the case. This means that your iPhone is not in the background when your PopSocket is not available. This fixes the biggest annoyance with the traditional PopSocket design.

"OtterBox and PopSockets collaborated in an integrated case, non-brainer," he said Jim Parke, OtterBox CEO. "Our fans love love, personalization and sleek protection. Together with Otter + Pop, we can deliver it in a thin iPhone case, combining our patronage with the only attribute provided by PopSockets."

Additionally, PopTop can be easily removed, if you want to exchange designs and even completely delete them. Individual PopTops can be purchased at $ 8, allowing you to diversify your phone's clothing.

PopSocket has become a very popular trend, especially among younger iPhone users. It offers several benefits, including easier handhelds and a built-in kickstand. Many people, however, have found wealth design to overcome these benefits, but with regard to this problem, Otterbox seeks a solution.

Otter + Pop cases will be available for sale in this spring in three colors: black, blue and mauve. According to Ren The Virgin iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices are available. There's no iPhone XR version, and we've been getting to know about the iPhone XS Max. Prices start at $ 59.95.

If you want to try the concept of PopSocket in the $ 60 otterbox cases before $ 60, Amazon is less than $ 10 available.

OtterBox and PopSockets Announce Swappable, Unstoppable Otter + Pop

FORT COLLINS, Colo., January 7, 2019 / PRNewswire / – OtterBox Symmetry Series and PopSockets PopGrips are a game made in the sky. In all outstanding trends, the combination is available in a truly integrated way. Otter + Pop, Symmetry Series case, PopGrip build and PopTops interchangeable, create a completely customizable look, style, scene or vibe experience.1

Otter + Pop will soon come to iPhone with some unchangeable and interchangeable combinations.

"OtterBox and PopSockets collaborated in an integrated case, non-brainer," he said Jim Parke, OtterBox CEO. "Our fans love love, personalization and sleek protection. Together with Otter + Pop, we can deliver it in a thin iPhone case, combining our patronage with the only attribute provided by PopSockets."

"A case with a modified and swappable PopSockets grip also comes with the case of the most powerful brands in the world. Colorado the company Sounds like a good idea, "he said David BarnettPopSockets creator and CEO.

Otter + Pop combines rational design with Simmetry Series to make it ever easier than ever with iPhone versatility. Sleek starts with just one iPhone case that protects against droplets and blows. Pops up with the use of integrated PopGrip and facilitates hands-free operation, most often when needed.

PopTops Exchange personalized case in any case to make the breeze. Each case comes with the color that matches the PopTop case, but the PopTop swappable can be used for simple and snap-in turns to create sudden unstoppable appearance.

Otter + Pop will soon be available for iPhone in and Choose the removable PopTops also available to match the colors of each case. Otter + Pop will start $ 59.95 MSRP, PopTops will begin in individual swappable sections $ 8 MSRP.

About OtterBox:

OtterBox is confident and confident in renewing thick products on any basis. At the first start box office Fort Collins, Colo., the garage, OtterBox specializes in manufacturing and design, specializing in manufacturing and design. It is one of the United States's leading sales device brands in the United States and is a leader in outsourcing.2

The goal of a positive and sustainable change in the midst of OtterBox innovation is deeper. In collaboration with the OtterCare Foundation, OtterBox aims to inspire children to integrate the world into entrepreneurship and philanthropy worldwide. To learn more about this mission, visit

For more information, visit

About PopSockets:

David Barnett is the founder and CEO of PopSockets. He was a major philosopher at Emory, a senior physicist at the University of Colorado, earning his Ph.D. Philosophy from NYU and a philosophy philosopher at the University of Colorado in the 2005-2015 academic year. His research, specializing in Philosophy and Philosophy specializing in Philosophy, before achieving his enthusiasm, began to become a philosopher and became an activist.

In 2010, Barnett listened to the cable to find a way to stop his cable, and he pulled the two buttons on the back of his phone and picked up a button-loop cushion. They worked like ugly buttons. In the process of improving the idea, he developed 60 different prototypes, which expanded and folded the buttons through an accordion mechanism, so they could be a stand and a flu. In 2012, Barnett launched a KickStarter campaign in one case in which case it launched an iPhone case with PopSockets grips in both cases. KickStarter campaign Barnett showed his dance prowess to showcase the world. Two years later, in 2014, Barnett started his business from Boulder Garages, Colorado, and then sells 40 million popsockets grips around the world.


1 The Symmetry Series is not protected by water. It will give more protection against drops and knocks.

2 Source: NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service: Cell Phone Protection Devices / Units Soldier / January 2015 – June 2018

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