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Outlook 2019: Here is where experts believe that the TSC will end one year

Canadian investors invested in 2018 to see a strong bull market. They let their thighs between their legs. The S & P / TSX compound index began at 16,300 years ago, following the worst year since the financial crisis in 2008, from the end of December to more than 13 per cent of more than 14,000. So what will be the 2019 store? Financial Post asked the six banks and investment companies 2019 for the TSX targets, and they were low.

Laurentian Bank of Canada – 18,500 points

Both US and Canadian markets should be attractive to investors, Laurentian Bank of Canada's chief economist, Sebastien Lavoyon, said, after all the barriers that the S & P / TSX index has made in 2019. Half-yearly laundries, U.S. and China will end the commerce, at least with regard to freight; USMCA confirms the trade agreement and will restore the energy industry. OPEC production cuts and the reduction of the provinces of Alberta and the capacity of the railroad are expected to revive this industry in 2019, he said. Lavo warns, however, that TSX does not have an "option" without its catalyst.

BMO Capital Markets – 18,000 points

Investors increased their spending in 2018, which was not what they were, but the rapid evolution of oil prices and the emergence of new markets began. They lost a lot: improving profits and increasing dividends, Brian Belski's strategic investment in BMO Capital Markets. Investors still have a negative feeling in Canada investing, but Belski is opposed because the market bases are strong. According to the S & P / TSX index, it would be 18,000 points, it would be a time of all time. And, even though, Belski assumes that the projection may be too low "if all of us wait for them to be revealed."

National Bank of Canada – 16,600 points

In spite of the recovery of the global bank of the Canadian National Bank and Stefane Marion, it is necessary to support the S & P / TSX index as well. Improvements in the global market, according to Marion, have led to the repayment of the US dollar, and should increase commodity prices. However, Marion admits that this will not happen in the UK commercial warfare, with 16,600 points out. "There is no way to achieve this goal without extending the commercial truce," he said.

Russell Investments – 16,000 points

The 2019 performance of the S & P / TSX index is related to the difference between oil, the director of investment strategies led by Russell Investments, Shailesh Kshatriya, and argued that moderation "caused negative social capital in Canada". The price of gaps between Western Canadian Select and West Texas has decreased by around US $ 15, but US $ 50 is closely linked to historical market close-ups and analysts gains estimates, Kshatriya said. When oil prices plunged, Canadian contributions were highly successful and oversold. When the feelings about securities begin, investors can once again see the unlocked "captured value" of the TSX. There is only one condition, Kshatriya writes: oil prices must work together.

CIBC is making a fine defense line

Ian de Verteuil's portfolio strategy

CIBC – 15,600 points

The head of the CIBC portfolio strategy is that Ian de Verteuil admits that there is a cloud of uncertainty in the market for the United States trade war. "Someone guesses" what effect it will be, he wrote. Therefore, the bank is "a fine line of defense" in 2019, which involves renewing two sectors that overcome traditional defense and communications and consumers. Although it is more wise, Verteuil views the S & P / TSX index of more than 1,300 points. The project boosted individual companies in 2018 as "recovered from a farm" after being attributed to a more healthy energy recovery market, as well as improving the gold market.

Sunlife Global Inversions – 15,000 points

Sadiq Adatia, Sunlife Global Investments chief official investment, despite the bad news for investments in the upsurge of volatile market outflows in the 800-point swings, will no longer come. Adatia will stop the TSX and will meet 15,000 points in 2019, with the greatest volatility, to allow investors to enter in the market. The TSX index is likely to take Brexit's decision at the start of 2019, and the Bank of Fed and the Bank continues to maintain the interest rate. A Chinese trade agreement may trigger a tide, but although Adatia is not so pessimistic, it will not get rid of it.

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