Monday , May 16 2022

Over 600 Patient Test Results Due to Delayed Software Error


Software error has lowered test results of more than 600 people in the province province.

Between November 2017 and 2018, Telus Health Med Med access was delayed in the delivery of test results in 163 medications, 70 clinics throughout the province, affected by 615 patients.

Telus found a problem in October and worked for the health center last month to solve the problem.

Critical results have still been achieved, as reported on the phone, and there has been no evidence, nor is there a break in the privacy of John Haggie Health Minister, which does not cause the problem to the patient.

Admission was said to be unacceptable, but from the point of view, 1,5 million systems work similar to communication, and only 615 people are affected.

The bug also had an impact on Nova Scotia, Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.

The problem has been resolved since November 20. Someone who is affected will be notified by email today.

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