Wednesday , October 27 2021

Over the years, World of Warcraft adds your enemy to everyone •


While World of Warcraft survived, the Horde and the Alliance have not been able to understand each other (with few exceptions). The client of your game explains what the players of the opposing parties have to say, thus reinforcing the eternal sense, breaking some exotic mystics.

But now Blizzard has added – in a cold December 14 – allowing a new Warcraft potion, specifically: the ability to understand chat in the opposite faction. It is called Tongues de Elixir and is available in the Dalmatite Underbelly Fizzi Liverzapper.

Do not mix: tongs.

Potion spends 30 gold, which allows you to understand – but not speak – an anti-factorial language for an hour. If the two friends involved in the conversation drink a potion, they will be able to understand each other. Hooray!

Apparently, the recipe for this elixir is running World of Warcraft! "Until today, he had the text of the description". This poem has no effect until languages ​​are put in place, "" WOW game designer Jeremy Feasel has been featured on Twitter.

Immediately added to the new released mega-patch of the Vengeance tides, and crossed the additional communication of the factional crossings as RP did not progress. It highlights RP roles and this community is, above all, on the other hand unwanted. The problem is that some 30 ° C can be bought soon; Already a WOW forum message requires Blizzard to demand a price drop.

There are other ways to talk to the WoW opposition. Pandarens, in order to choose the Horde or Alliance, have their own racial language, as Demon Hunters.

But then, I always liked not knowing how to say it on the other side. They allow me to interpret my enemies in a strange way, give them a story. It would not be the same "NO EZ AND R DED" (often, but that is not the point, right!).

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