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Overwatch writes a new Asmatic map to the PTR release. |

Overwatch fans shook a pleasant surprise on Wednesday in the new Assault map of the PTA.

They are called new maps in Paris, and the ad is supervised by a loud fan, from the overwatch account.

Shortly afterwards, Blizzard revealed a new Map map called Assault (2CP) in Paris and Lights City players.

Paris Assault map. This means that the team must get two Control points, one after another, in the Anubis temple, in the Horizon Lunar colony, and in others.

Players will fight through narrow streets and corridors before joining the Seine next. "

There seems to be no future heroes and heroes hidden on the map, and now he has found the race first and Reddit is a sweet and sweet karma.

Blizzard Entertainment

It was the last map that was introduced to Busan Overwatch, after joining the Summer Games 2018 game in September 2018.

The fans asked when the new map came out, and Blizzard seemed to want to get it over at the beginning of the Overwatch League.

There is still no word when it comes to the main PTR game, but we stick with Dexerto and follow us @OverwatchTXT For all recent overlay updates.

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