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Packers vs. Vikings: 6 Things we've learned in the NFC North game


Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers had to desperately win the playoffs to keep their hopes alive. For the Vikings, that happened spectacular winner of 24-17.

Earning, Vikings are 6-4-1 and NFC Wild Card spots. They're also doing the Chicago Bears series, sitting at the top of NFC North, 8-3.

Packers were not fortunate, and in January, the chances of playing were a long shot.

Here we found five things in Vikings & # 39; Sunday night football win:

Kirk Cousins ​​can play the game in the first place

Hide Cousins ​​from a national television at 1 p.m. ET Kickoff and historically when you saw playing his best football. 8:20 p.m. lights up. ET kickoff and that's how Cousins ​​usually wilts.

That was not Sunday, though.

Cousins ​​completed 29 with 38 shots with 38 shots, three touchdowns and no interruption. He recorded the classification of the 129.5 Cousins ​​passerby in a game that was introduced to Vikings.

The Vikings lost their first three games of 2018, but the best teams of NFC were Rams, Saints and Bears. While Cousins ​​fought against Chicago, he did well against New Orleans and Los Angeles.

Packers could probably not play a bit more than just under 5, although he was just 5-12.

Vikings are against the lucky throwing Packers against luck

Minnesota reached 14-14 season, but Vikings led a second goal from Dan Bailey's second half.

Bailey was lost between 48 and 56 meters, and that was enough for Vikings to threaten a shot kick by Mike Zimmer.

"When both goals were missing, Mike Zimmer told me that when Vikings moved to second place, he was fourth placed in the middle of the second half, saying:" I will not play in the game. kicker, & # 39; & # 39; NBC's Michele Tafoyi announced in the third quarter.

The Vikings do not know about bad luck. In the second half, it was a great part of the youth of Minnesota. Daniel Carlson got three goals in that game and released the team one day later.

Thus, re-inserting Vikings' foul-banging into the second missive of Bailey's show was likely to be punished by Packers for kick-off or kick-off.

Bailey has been particularly trusted as the Vikings entered into a Carlson substitute in September. He scored 18 points with 19 points and scored 14 goals with 14 goals.

Zimmer did not stick his promise, and Bailey gave him a 37-meter pitch and the second half to kick-off. Bailey did both.

Packers & # 39; playoff expectations are condemned

The maintenance of Green Bay's competitive NFC races were already suspended through a thread. 4-6-1, it may be safe to shut the book in the Packer's 2018 season.

Although Packers lost four of the last five games, four finished, winning five wins a year, winning 9-6-1. Bears needs two more goals to win Green Bay to win NFC North. After that, Vikings won 6-5-1 with the NFC Wild Card race, followed by a three-way road between Washington, Seattle and Carolina, each with 6-5 records.

Minnesota travel was essential with Packers and it was short.

Jaire Alexander is ready for the big stage

The Cousins ​​and Vikings infractions had no connection with Side Packers, but Jaureg was still a clear spot on Alexander Bay Green Bay. The first cycle was the best defensive defense of the NFL during the entire season and brought it back to Sunday night again.

Adam Thielen fought for the night, and he definitely left the Vikings with some blows and bruises. At one point in the game, Thielen used it as a rich battery on Stephen Diggs's screen.

Thielen's 125 circuit ended with eight recesses, but it was not covered by Alexander. When it was, the battle back and forth featured in the game:

Packers found a good first round this year.

Green Bay tries to become big moments

Mike McCarthy is increasingly blown away by a crime with another quarterback by Aaron Rodgers. Sunday will not help her alone.

Packers got 10 points in third place and failed to become the fourth single night test.

That's not McCarthy, of course. The final failure of the night came to the third level, forcing the Packer to achieve a goal.

But creativity was not a big part of what cost the Packers crime day.

With the unmatched departure, McCarthy's seat is warmer than ever and Packers can decide for the last season as a team coach.

Vikings are great celebrations

If the Vikings are not celebrating the best NFL, they are definitely there. I was impartial His trace of the dead kiss dance earlier in the season, but playing a limbo game with Adam Thielen is very easy among the best NFL events of the year:

The Vikings score score more, the better. Certainly, great things have been prepared.

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