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Panasonic HomeHawk is built on a floor lamp that is hidden from the camera

Panasonic seeks financing for homeowners on the floor with a newly built camera. The product is considered as an alternative to home security cameras, mixed with decoration and assembly is not necessary. The lamp offers a list of security features with many competitors, but essentially invisible.

Internal security cameras are a popular way to keep tabs on children or pets, as well as controlling security issues, and collect footage that can be useful for insurance claims. The problem with these cameras is obvious, yes … a camera. The guests feel uncomfortable with a spectacular camera, they can damage a wall and, in general, they need to tighten the cable.

Panasonic highlights its HomeHawk floor advantages, a stylish camera with a modern look and a small camera lens peeking at the top. The lens has a height and angle of tracking the house, depending on the company, and it also doubles as a light source.

HomeHawk Floor supports high definition video conferencing, motion detection, color night vision and integrates with the rest of the collaborators. Because the camera is built for the lamp, there is only one electric cable that comes out of the base in the wall. The buyer can choose 2ft, 4ft and 6ft lamp options.

The reason for the house is that the camera continues working for more than 1.5 hours on security batteries. Users can arrange and control the light through their telephone or voice assistant, with a 140-degree wide camera and the videos are stored in a microSD card.

Panasonic seeks funding for HomeHawk Floor in Indiegogo, where it offers an excellent early bird version of $ 185 dollars. Foreigners will start in May.

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