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Participants' depression and links to their children: study


U.K. Recent research found that daughters of parenting with birth defects suffer from depression among adolescents.

At Imperial College London, University of London, University of Oxford, and University of Bristol. The new study examined 3,176 families to analyze the relationship between their parents' depression, within eight weeks of their children and their children, the risk of depression for 18 years.

Researchers, such as mother depression, parental children, parental conflicts, and childhood behavior problems and hyperactivity were more than 3.5 years old.

The findings published in the JAMA Psychiatry demonstrated that the "small but significant" depression increased the depression risk by age at age 18 when parents suffered from birth to depression.

However, the children did not increase the risk of depression.

It is not clear why babies drink after birth regression, but the researchers may deprive their parents of their depression to relinquish their family and cause a greater level of stress for the whole family, as well as how parents can influence their children.

To explain the specific aspects of relationship between father and daughters, as girls spend adolescence, they have a higher risk of depression when their grandparents are also suffering from depression.

The gang professor Paul Ramchandani says, "This study by Bristol families has shown that parents may have depression at the end of their birth and their mother. We have reported this to keep young people from age 18 from birth when they talk about depression experience."

"At the same time, parents looked at aspects that we could see depression affecting children. In the mouth, depression seems to be associated with a high degree of stress towards the whole family, which can be the only cause.

"Many children will not be affected by their parents' depression, so the findings of this study emphasize that parents and mothers can also provide adequate support for their depression."

The researchers also underline that almost 20 new parents suffer from depression in subsequent weeks of children.

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