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Patients with high risk pregnancy

"Mental illness continues to be worse," Lisa Allainen Welland recalls.

"Then I started to feel nauseous and I had difficulty finding words. I noticed that I was having something wrong after a confiscation."

Allain scanned them at his local hospital, revealing the presence of a brain tumor.

"Receiving the diagnosis has been the most horrifying moment of my life," he says. "I had a 26-year-old child with my two children, and I did not know how long I had to live. From the heart I did not know how to shake my heart to the family."

Allain tried a biopsy at Hamilton's Hospitals and took tests at the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Center. The custody team determined that the risk of the surgeon was at high risk, and therefore radiotherapy and medication began to be an intensive program as a result of tumor growth.

Another great surprise happened when Allain found himself pregnant.

"I was afraid of how the baby can cause cancer," recalls Allain. "I was worried that during pregnancy tumors were growing, I joined the McMaster University Medical Center, and the high-risk obstetrician team made me relax."

Allain spent 29 weeks in pregnancy, with babies and babies in jeopardy. Fortunately, his baby was in the baby and he was pregnant for 35 weeks.

"I was so grateful that I heard my daughter Aspen was crying and that I knew he was well. I call my miracle baby."

Allain receives hospital care at the Juravinski Hospital and at the Cancer Center. Continuous cancer trips have important lifestyles.

"Every day, it's a real treat for me," he says. "Thanks to the wonderful care I receive in Hamilton Healthcare, I am going to return home with my family for the holidays. I believe that my grown-up children continue to be an active member of many communities, I love so much. I'm really blessed."

Allain shares his story with the help of the Health Campaign Gift, which includes funds that allow Hamilton Healthcare to provide specialized assistance. The support of the Hamilton Healthcare Foundation's support is essential thanks to this specialized care throughout Allain Niagara and south-west Ontario.

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