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Patrick Marleau's experience can not be changed by Maple Leafs

TORONTO – Just look at the right numbers of Patrick Marleau and, yes, you can have a case.

The hockey player apparently indestructible still uses a two-piece wand and his 39-year-old feet skates breaks a couple of breaks every night every night in the second Toronto Maple Leafs salary chart but only in seventh punctuation.

On the track and clothing the first man has five goals and nine support. Respectable, undoubtedly, but in the future, the pace of each 0.56 point game continues for a small 17-year production period.

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He started the season and took Marleau Zach Hyman in the top line, not struck the chemist against Auston Matthews, when they both went off.

Nazem Kadri wins a more frequent leg line with a 4-2 win over Toronto, almost twisting.

But marleau's fans' reputation, especially for the third year of its deal, at the age of 40, and to buy more and more harsh NHL games – a record in the world – is a club hat why it is paying for the first time.

Mike Babcock, probably Marleau's only chance to leave San Jose's summer 2017 free summer, was asked on Wednesday when Marlea won Matthews and Leafs when Mitch Marner won. He cut off his questionnaire.

"You mean what you want [Kasperi Kapanen] and nobody heard you? "Directed by Babcock." The taste, everyone. Or any coach or coach or anyone who might look tired of that day. Or, I mean, nobody. You get a better man when you walk with you.

"You can not replace this, especially with a group of young people. If you want to win, you must be the person you need to do it every day, it's hard to do it every day. Imagine doing it live every day, 82 times, every time you hear everyone, Anything you do at any time is a microscope around you? That's fine. "

Marleau painted on Tuesday (well, we could add it), and his wife, Christina, recorded a long echo of her mobile phone, and Bruins beat the sticks and the club surprised a moment for Jumbotron team Gordie Howe, Mark Messier, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis, Mark Recchi, Chris Chelios, Dave Andreychuk, Scott Stevens, Larry Murphy and Ray Bourque have joined an elite group.

"What is 10 or 11 all the time, as it has been long and consistent and productive, is really outstanding," said John Tavares. "How it works itself, how it is preparing, how it plays in the game, it gives an excellent example to everyone, the orchestra really sets it apart. I hope you rub something like that, so you can rub your legs to collect as much as possible and get to know it.

"Although he played long, he is the only boy."

Frederick Andersen calls Marleau the humble man. Marner has GOAT. Matthews calls to his hotel room to watch and hang out.

On the first race of this season, a series of children roughly surpasses all the age of their career by scooters and D.C. When they were ripped off the streets, there were rumors Marleau there.

"The energy that the sun is taking every day, so I will make the most of it," said Marlea. "Everyone is trying to get better, and that's why I'm doing it myself, so it's fun."

The Logan Couture of San Jose continues in contact with Marleau. They talked about the last season, and Marleau told how Couture told Toronto about the different things. The couture is not surprised by its full tanks or its success in Toronto, but Torunan is a quiet mentor for a change in its role in the teal.

"We are a full-fledged team. There was no such young boy and the best options to participate in an attractive way, but he liked doing it," says Couture.

"A 19-year-old knight, he's doing a lot of things. You can select a couple of things, you'll be in the long term.

"He is a very good player and surely will be a good player for a couple of years."

The Ironman 733 game has skipped. He thinks a second about the most serious endings. His serious idea may not be mine or yours. A broken hand playoffs. An eyewitness required surgery & # 39;; But he helped somewhat. Because it cools an extra strain and a cold tube.

"I mean genetics," said Babcock. "He has worked very hard, an incredible skater, he loves the monotony of the game, a great and great man, you could go, and that could be: lucky luck, the whole thing, hard-working, great pro, great person, very important for this group, nor does it even make ice, it's fantastic. "

After leaving the 2019-20 season of 57 games and 2019-20 of the 82rd season, Marea will play 1,739 matches and third, in general, and Gordy's record 29 are shy.

Imagine ovation, because of humility, you do not.

"These milestones these nights", said Marleu after Monday, "I like you when you get two points".

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