Monday , July 4 2022

Patriots do not quite like the Super Bowl


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) – When patriotic players looked across the pool, they saw a healthy body. That is terrifying for the rest of the NFL.

Or maybe not.

If New England does not make key improvements in the next month and anyone doubts it, does Patriots make their way? – The third trip to Super Bowle is a serious problem.

In the 27-13 victory, but when Jets were eliminated, Patriots (8-3) were quite good. This season's competition, due to the likes of Chiefs, Steelers, Chargers and Texans, may not be enough.

Of course, the positive game that was running was that New England suffered a 215-meter storm, head of Sony Michel's best season. And the defense was fine.

However, Jets did not measure any AFC in any way. The thing will be harder in December, but it's not so difficult. And in January, when the Patriots take advantage of no home advantage in the AFC, they will only play Kansas City as the only single player and owner. Defenders must have defensive scoring and excessive defenses.

Due to the holes in the defense, the Jets could often not use enough, New England has had some major problems under the guidance of Tom Brady.

Patriots do not have a look at a group to avoid shooting, especially on the road. Brady and Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski – and now Michel – by your side, you'll get your shared point. They will, in fact, during the playoffs, need to get a great Atlantan game exactly.

"You'd like to be a perfect star," said Brady. "The other teams are well trained and they are good players, when you win, you're really good at it. Of course, a couple of weeks ago, what we needed to do was to do the opposite in Tennessee, I think we're doing better at playing the ball, much to win games It gives us a better chance. If you score more points, making third ups and downs, getting into the red area, all these things are very important.

"We did some plays, some of them we left there, but we'll keep going".

From now on, the eyes of the observers will be in different areas:


Gronkowski is a great retreat. The difference is the creator, although it should not be corrected, attention must be paid by the defense at the end of stress, and gives the team a lift. It is also brittle, influenced by games such as rugged games and so many massive hits.

Edelman and dangerous against James White from outside, Gronk's crew are not terrifying. Josh Gordon remains limited, and Chris Hogan is strong, but not number 1. The rest, on the other hand, is the rest.

Nine weeks before, Gronk's usability is crucial.


New England has played three proficient players from Foxborough; 5-0 at home. Two of these triumphs were two-today's mediocre or worse in Detroit and Jacksonville in September. More Americans are worried about the City of Music at the weekend for 10-year notes of bitterness.

Ever former coach Bill Belichick had never given the results provided by the mentor. This year, like this year, it has taken place with Lions and Titans.

Patriots have always fought in Miami, losing four of the last five. They also visit Pittsburgh, not such a mansion. New England won three of the last four trips with Heinz Field – but far away, the most difficult opponent.

Brady has guided eight Super Bowls, the Patriots have never lost their first turn.


Here's a great mystery.

More than safety, Devin McCourty, who has rarely earned a lot of credit, and Dont's, the Hightower linebacker, does not seem to be in charge of inequalities in New England. This group brings together more pieces. There are no pedestrians taking great pressure, they are not particularly windy, and, in addition, New York's soundtrack group was a free roaming.

With Antonio Brown, Tyreek Hill, or DeAndre Hopkins postnapping – it's not a good idea.

Of course, anyone who has left Brady and Co. is the smallest sense of history. The Patriots of Thanksgiving weekend are not great. Check to see where they are on the New Year's Day.

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