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Community colleges are preparing 10,000 Tonight food units in hopes of Penticton's Salvation Army Food Bank.

As of 29 p.m., Penticton Secondary students, Princess Margaret Secondary School, KVR Middle School, and Skaha Lake Middle School will join the Penticton portal to raise non-perishable food donations. At least 10,000 foods must be provided as a result of the record.

"We usually exceed this number, but the initial goal is 10,000 foods," said Aasfi Sadeque, one of the students' organizers.

This year, directed to students from Sadeque, Erik Moore and Michael Newmark, with Pen High and Bailee Ewen, Maggie.

"What happens is that everyone assigns a pathway, and they are taking care of the doors of any street, if they want to donate it," Ewen said. "When it's done, everything will be back to school to make counting."

Moore said the route had already been distributed before the unit, but the student organizers demanded that they meet each other. Schools used KR codes that QR codes instructed teachers to register online.

"A trip usually takes half an hour and usually takes four people to walk, so that students are more comfortable in two groups or themselves," Moor said.

Once the count is over and food is delivered, it is usual at 9:00 p.m., the Salvation Army volunteers with pizza. Every student organization thinks this initiative is important.

"I've always had 10,000 Tonight as part of a good way to help many people," said Ewen.

"It's important that food banks are important in the winter season, that is, it's time, because there is no charity effort, it really tightens," said Moore.

"In Christmas, people are the most generous and charitable time, take a long time to take advantage of it for a long time," said Sadeque.

"I participated with the participation of 10,000 nights tonight in the first year and it seemed interesting to me, and that really inspired me with Soupateria," said Newmark.

Unless the main reason, the organizers agree that it is essential for the community to participate. According to John Rankin, according to the director of the Salvation Army Food Bank, about 30 percent of Penticton's food bank is in the vicinity.

"A lot of people do not realize how much poverty they are. Less than one-third of local food recipients participating in this year's event with our school help their members and their people directly, but they may not know their struggles," said Sadeek .

Participating in Newmark is a great way to spend time with your friends when you return to the community. It can also be an excellent way to meet people with the same values.

Moore said the school administration was very helpful in organizing their efforts. Ewen added that Rankin's team is active.

Rankin said the need for a food bank has increased every year and that the number of elderly people and families that have access to public services has been seen. Fortunately, the donations received are capable of satisfying the need for the service, despite the growing demand.

"10,000 Tonight starts our donations for Christmas season, so it's real support," said Rankin. "It's an annual point of donation, and the Penticton community has been very good for us and the community."

"It's amazing that young people take roles with this initiative, organize things and make phone calls and it's really wonderful to do that."

Donation bundles will be placed on Penticton in October 23 for the exception of durable goods and will be excluded by pick-ups on November 29. Donations can also be made at Salvation Army Food Bank in 2399 South Main St.

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