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People 5 Intensify Change Rumors

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Take Your Heart Nintendo Switch 0 38 Screenshot

Since Joker has been announced as the first DLC fighter Super Smash Bros. UltimateThere has been a lot of speculation about Atlus Person 5 Change.

On the same day of this presentation, rumors began to emerge, suggesting the commitment of this game in the last year, and the final title was based on one of the domains recently registered by Atlus. Recently, this month, a Japanese publisher assigned an IP address for the P5R.JP website and other 5 People's domain names appeared on the weekend. MysticDistance, the source of this information, believes that next next December 30th the next Person-related ad will occur.

"We know that we will get the first official information [the Persona Super Live 2019 concert event] P5A & # 39; Dark Sun … & # 39; Following OVA in a commercial public … I also expected a teaser site for P5R, as well as the latest move to dedicated servers. "

This was not enough to convince, Super Smash Bros. The Masahiro Sakurai creators have sent Persona fans to Overdrive after a recent visit to the Atlus headquarters. While most of the videos below are Japanese, translations suggest that Sakurai is a long-time series and game design. Sakurai is a moving moment when he finds the pet feline Morgana for the first time. Check out the full video below:

What is the Persona 5 rumor about Nintendo Village 2019? Tell us about your comments.

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