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Chris Jericho appeared in Busted Open Radio on SiriusXM to talk with Elite Wrestling recently. In this way, he discussed the impact of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 2018 and explained why AEW could do it. He described the movement when Hulk Hogan left WWF WCW.

How the NJPW business was triggered:

Certainly, I think it was a piece of the puzzle that is needed at the moment, the same thing I do for this company is the same thing as last year in Japan. Now, I do not say 100 jobs in Japan in New York [selling out Madison Square Garden], but it's a great reason. New Japan has been very hot before last year. Many directors and fans did not see it [became fans] Last year they checked in the Tokyo domain. Recently they could hear this Japanese news, they knew some guys that were with him, but they did not really pay attention. So, as Jericho shows, "Oh my gosh, is Chris Jericho? Well let's check this out," and then watch and see the show, "Oh my gosh, you know, Jericho is great, but it seems Kenny and Okada and now Tanahashi and The Young Bucks and Cody are there, and Ibushi there. "

Why does AEW do the same:

I think the same thing happens [AEW] and have legal legends. The legendary Chris Jericho is still very important, and people say: "The hottest agent for the business agent." I do not think anybody could have been different. If you brought a Hulk Hogan here, people would like it, "Oh, this is it again." Or if Goldberg brought me, "Well, we did not see it a bit. It may be money." But with Jericho, everyone was waiting for us to be eagerly awaited. I think most people would say "Yes, it will talk to other places, but it will probably end at WWE." From time to time I did not see the modern version of Hulk Hogan appearing in 1994. In WCW, but the tallest and coolest version of this type of name, I did not do anything, but again, my brand is rebuilding and people are surprised by Jericho in 2019. So, when I showed it at the press conference, I now know everyone, and I think people are considered to be very important before the AEW.

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