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Pink Death: Chemistry is used to make Ham, Bacon Boost Cancer Risk, expert note


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The nitrites used in the meat industry have long been a source of controversy for experts who face these risky health risks, despite their anti-inflammatory and pleasing color properties.

The reputation of the meat industry will be low all the time to eliminate unwanted chemicals, such as bacon and ham, experts and politicians have warned.

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Under Professor Chris Elliott's leadership, they point out that they have "consensus on scientific opinion," which demonstrates that nitrites used to cure meat by using nitrosamines called carbohydric nitrosamines, such as processed meat, such as sausages, ham, or bacon. These chemicals occur annually in 6,000 colon cancer cases in the United Kingdom and four times the number of deaths on the road. The group has launched a campaign to tackle the problem of high levels of sugar in foods.

"The government's action to eliminate nitrides from processed meals should not be far off," one of the team's scientists, Dr Aseem Malhotra, told his cardiologist, saying he would not "condemn" a similar blow to tobacco.

Not only doctors and scientists enrolled in the coalition campaign, but also some politicians, that is, the Labor MP's, Tom Watson; Secretaries of the ancient shadow Mary Creagh and Kerry McCarthy; David Amess, among others, president of the party for food and health.

The Coalition has warned that there is insufficient action to raise awareness of nitrites that are being carried out and to create health risks, "against sugar and nutrient abusive warnings."

Coalition says the flesh industries say that the stomach is an attractive pink color and is essential for the destruction of botulism and other infections, while Malhotra, Parma ham manufacturers, has been using non-nitric acid for 25 years to motivate other producers. Additionally, chemicals are harmful.

This is not the first time that these concerns were expressed.

As reported in the World Health Organization in 2015, it was published every year with solid nitrates and nitrosamines processed in 34,000 cases of colon cancer worldwide.

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This year, at least two studies have raised concerns about this: one of Glasgow University researchers, when they discovered their findings, reduced the consumption of processed meat, women had a lower tendency to breast cancer, the John Hopkins University School of Medicine studies the direct link between the nitrites and mental health He revealed problems.

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