Wednesday , January 26 2022

Plasma Thrusters and Kilopower Fision Reactors Will Be Great Deep Space –


Adam Crowl has calculated how to bounce the Oumuama downstairs mission with Braking Plasma Thrusters.

SpaceX Falcon Super-Heavies and Gravity slingshots can be used to capture Jupiter and Sun around the star object. The mission of the Oumuamua space to go looking for the object is worth $ 2 to $ 4 million, or so the cost. Oumuama deserves a scientific value, even if it is an anomalous interstellar creature. Harvard researchers have calculated that Oumuama is an unusual speed and movement that is a series of solar cells.

The slippery slingshot of the sun was sunny. Better would be the brake.

Plasma units are available for commercial use at the Satellite Geosynchronous Station.

Russian company Fakel has sold Stage Plasma Thrusters (SPT) for a couple of decades. SPT-140D masses 8,5 kg, 4,500 W power, 1770-second specific boost, 0.29 neutron boost and 4500 hours duration. Jet efficiency is ~ 56%.

The SPT-230 has a power output of Isp and 15 kW for 3,200 seconds and has an efficiency of about 75%. They last 9,000 hours, an Isp 2,700 per second, 25 kg mass. 15 kW power and 0.75 power 0.75 0.75 boost. The constant operation would be necessary for each engine of 1,040 kg propulsion.

A small fiber with the same mass of the protector would have a detachment of 18,353 m / s. This brake would make it match the speed of the interstellar object.

Kilopower fission systems would be very useful in deep space monitoring missions. Long-lasting ISP propulsion plasma plungers and kilopowered probes would be revolutionary near space.

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