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Player Hockey Training: Edmonton Oilers won a great 4 point game 2-1 in Las Vegas, a very fun hockey game


Edmonton Oilers won 3 stands for its Stanley Cup Vegas Golden Knights finalist on Saturday night, before the national audience, 2-1.

In Kenya Hitchcock's 3 games behind the bench and in its systematic ranks, Oilers has held a collective opposition from 6 to 3.

To see how he approached tonight to analyze the "A" chance scoring. Followed Hockey culture David Staples marched for Vegas with a tight 8-7 margin. David's observation came to my mind.

But do not think Hitch has tightened all the crimes of this club. Tonight the home team pulled out 34-32. Both clubs also made special teams. But everything was completely entertaining, with great speed and ability on the screen.

In the end, however, it is clear that it was better than Marc-Andre Fleury of Mikko Koskinen. That was, after all, the difference.

His record of 13-11-28 draws oilers at the point of spot in Pacifico. Gold knights and sharks are leaving behind in this slot. Edmonton played 2 games in the first game last.

Here's the story of this tape:

Edmonton Oilers Player Grades

MIKKO KOSKINEN. 8. Mikko Koskinen Oilers has been able to win this game for the first time in 8 minutes. Vegas came out. But the great Finn had a great deal of response early and often. He scored 5 goals against William Karlsson. But it was late, and Reilly Smith stopped after Adam Larsson and broke it off. 31 of 32 blocked. Koskinen had a 9 967 sense on this home stand. Okay 8-2-1 season. That is also good. Where would they be without it?

CONNOR McDAVID. 8. The objective of the physical score is not possible. Draisaitler boards created the chickpeas. McDavid was pushed by an advocate and the other survived. But then, in the far side of the network, McDavid's steel was drilled to ice. The snow flew and Connor turned on hard, almost inside. McDavid left Puck behind and Marc-Andre Fleury won 1-0 and covered it. Slight glasses. Wow 8 (!) He had all the cards in the network with Vegas, trying to keep his speed shaking. The end of the card had the chance to start up. But it was also 75% of the first point. More-all? Exciting, winning effort.

LEON DRAISAITL. 7. He played a terrible player. He won 1-0. A stuck one puck in 1st. Next time, Jesse Puljujarvi eliminated another one that led to an opportunity. After playing with Las Vegas, Leon and Chiasson made great plays to relieve the area and mitigate the pressure. During the 3rd period of Las Vegas, Draisaitle and Russell performed a knight cycle. Then, as if it were not enough, Leon won 2 great drawings in the last 90 seconds, and drills it with corner Nugent Hopkins all the time. Peripherally 1-1 was responsible, but the O-zone raffle was lost.

ALEX CHIASSON. 5. Solid but unusual. 1 set, 1 elimination 18:58. He played the game the first time. A sharp play of the Second Legendary PK with gold knights. If Alex Chiasson continues the online pace, with that number TOI? This is not used.

OSCAR KLEFBOM. 6. In the first minutes of Las Vegas, it was a rough start in 3 of its clock goals. End night -1 Particularly 1-1. But directly, Klefbom was in the right place for ice and was not just a bad bounce but 2 swollen before Koskinen's puck. And Draisaitl and McDavid ice won 1-0, and Klefbom helped him (fifteenth of the campaign). 3 blocks but not planes 24:38.

ADAM LARSSON. 6. Adam Larsson won many victories in his own field, making his teammates a good sign. But Larsson also won two games and left outside when Koskinen pulled out. He was very good at 2:33 in a short time. 3 hits, 3 blocks.

RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINS. 7. Nugent-Hopkins became a defensive sterling in the afternoon. I mean it was similar to Selke. Nuge was hard on almost every puck. When he was back, he was like a demon, and he passed a killer stick in the lancets. His best time 3. Fuzzy O-zone puck, following the dangerous handful of Fleury's side. But then he tried to clearly get Ryan stuck again stuck and forced by the Golden Knights to punish punishment to play. Which sequential sequence is 93. 4 planes and 50% at 19:58. Money

JESSE PULJUJARVI. 5. Good times, but all quiet nights. He got 2 shots and 2 hits. The best option of Puljujarviri was to score a goal in Vegas in Drasiaitl. From now on, I liked the level at the highest level of its highest level, the D-zone security ran safely on the track. He did not give much in the defense.

DRAKE CAGGIULA. 5. For 40 minutes, he calmly survived the third. I like Drake Caggiula, it's really like playing a bigger man. In fact, the club won 6th. He gave them the status 3, but the honest … I saw that he was the only one 1) Of course and 2) he had an impact on the game.

DARNELL PROTECTION 7. Edmonton Oilers was the best D-man tonight. Darnell Nurse had a couple of effective stars with ice, but she played smart and never caught. There were 2 missing shots. But his work on his own was outstanding. He kept his speed pace with the rhythm of the Vegas club, and he had 1 high risk. 3 hits and one block.

KRIS RUSSELL. 7. The heavy lifting of the great men that followed the line that he faced was over and won the majority of these battles. He made a great player to clean his zone in his own zone PK, short 2:17 part short. She only accepted a particularly dangerous case of success. Started match 2-1. It's over in the evening with 3 hits, 3 blocks and 2 takeaways at 21:35.

KYLE BRODZIAK 5. This line directed by Kyle Brodziak has made the best defenders in the usual arena. A shot and 2 hits. Cycle well. It had some fine points at the point (40%). Also dinged with a sharp 2-year billing bill. Effective, but if you want to see this line, the punctuation point will be finished. 2:12 Fuzzy job without a PK, Vegas Power Play game is not going late.

MILAN LUCIC. 6. He played a good game. 5 hits. Despite a quarter of an overcome, despite the absence of two other attempts, the second started to close the second half. The two keys illustrated his best game. It was a box after winning his own field, 1st. Another was with Puck's attacking areas to feed Brodias. This can be a new and lasting role. It fits well

ZACK KASSIAN. 6. Give a lot of time to the cycling circumstance. While drawing the line again in the new scoreboard, they make an effective anti-opposition action in their field. Zack Kassian shot, success and blockage. I did not think that the punishment was particularly intelligent, but at least a physically demanding process … it was a lazy hook or a trip.

MATT BENNING. 6. The third step improved the flow of the game in ice. In fact, Matt Benning (17-18%, 48.6%) had the CF provisional bid (D-core this afternoon). A goal was added to a couple of shots and 3. Marked the strong body of the past while some of the official goalkeepers missed. Benning played 13:02 against Hitchcock in front of the first two couples. But it was reasonably effective at that time.

KEVIN GRAVEL. 5. During the first two periods they had two plots, but it was 3 strong. Oilers got the lead. He eliminated 2 shots and 2 hits plus. 13:22 when everything was played. But Ken Hitchcock said he had to make minimal mistakes in its 3rd installment. If it's really true, I wonder if Jason Garrison draws the next game?

JUJHAR KHAIRA. 6. Set a non-profit goal in the corner, slot, and slot to prevent Ryan Spooner from failing. Khaira really struggled. But my eyes made it easier for him tonight, which has made a big difference. The pucks that were not cleared in previous matches have been excluded from scorching tonight. And J.J. He was also physical, he scored 4 goals at 9:41. That's better.

RYAN SPOONER. 6. She chose her a particularly special time as a cookie. He was clearly in front of the golden knights' network, and he did not hesitate in the second place in front of Khaira. Bam! He was himself, and the rest of the way stood up. This was the best game in the 4th game of the game, and Spooner played a significant part before winning.

TY RATTIE. 7. It was a great game that had to be in NHL, leave the line up. The scoring sheet does not help her in the winning goal. But Rattie was harsh in the dump and, ultimately, Duck pushed Puck to hurry to the enemy's corner and such … 2-1. But it was not just that game. Rattie received 4 shots, 3 hits and took them. The penalty was also created. Only 9:38 was played, but he did it the second time.

Hitch returns to Lone Star State Tuesday, visiting Oilers in Dallas.

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