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Player Qualification: Edmonton Can not Hang on Thanks to a mechanic controlled by Chicken


Oilers 1, Ducks 2 (OT)

I was watchiung hockey for the age of 55 and I have never seen another goalkeeper to dominate a team, Anaheim Ducks, now Edmonton Oilers.

Let's say: 3-0 will end on the 5th of the 5th Pacific Division Final 2017 match, Ducks got their goalkeeper and did not score one, two or three times, and then won twice in a separate extra hour. In two seasons, Edmonton finished his third position in the 2017-18 season to see the Ducks storm, with Riockard Rakell's last 21 goals with two goals, OT (Oil won at the final). Then, during the last season, the goalkeeper again worked on the unknown Darnell Nurse, who had been forced to go on a more challenging game after a rope struck by eleven and a half, after losing the oilers Whizz Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl ice cream.

New season, luck must eventually change, right? It's not so fast. On Friday afternoon, Oilers won 1-0 in the final 20 seconds when it came in. – You guessed it – Ducks Oilers got another good rebound in front of the cage with John Gibson. Just 16 seconds on the clock this time, when a prayer kicked off, the traffic went off the road when a straight shaft is open. Wham, again. The shellshocked Oilers began the 60-minute rumor of Bettman's point but said he had been stolen by the victims for a long time. "Rakell managed to get rid of the bets of Mikko Koskins in the past to make Rakell just 14 seconds.

Randy Carlyle needs a bit of credit, the amazing old coach has been more mechanized than Carter's liver pills. It's unusual for his ducks to overtake 7-2 in Edmonton over the last eight days. In the Olympic Games there is only one goal, 7 against 5v6 in 10 minutes.

On the other hand, Oilers had many rights and got a few bounces, and at least they called him a critical path (no), but as they often did against this confusing opponent, they could not finish the deal. The visitors drove the 28-25 ducks and had a good row of 8-5 on the A level. They got second place. That's it count, according to Cult hockeyDavid Staples won 8-8. No cigar, no cigar.

Player ratings

# 4 Kris Russell, 7. Solid blueline behind. Oilers dominated the 16-minute play in Evens, and at that time the pitch was 10-2. Russell made a defensive game in the third place, and a man pulled out a goal line to fix a video review (and calipers) so close, keeping the score 0-0.

# 5 Kevin Gravel, 5. The third match was stronger. Blueline spent a little bit of time but kept it on the scoreboard.

# 6 Adam Larsson, 7. A power tower behind Blueline. He won a fierce tone and moved puck safely and efficiently. He had an excellent opportunity to enter Draisaitl's feedstock, but he could not repair John Gibson.

# 8 Ty Rattie, 4. The game was very small at 8 ½ minutes in ice. 0 shot attempt. One evening Ducks' small statistics hit 3 hits 44 huge wins against oil. For a frustrating reason, Rattie finally gained control of the puck after the widespread pressure and was careful at the end, but allowed Ducks to return to the territory of Edmont. The transitional penalty began in third place, but his friends turned his back on him.

# 16 Jujhar Khaira, 4. Accepting the punishment 1:18 when he dies, but his struggle has also been strengthened at 8:36. Rattie and Marody's linemakers made the game kick-off, though they did not have a guardian defense. There was a tap set in the middle of the second quarter of McDavid shifting, but it was difficult to determine whether the passage or loss was lost and it was not repeated again. She plays safe players with the blubby pucker.

# 19 Mikko Koskinen, 7. When it was finished under the same season of the second season of the season, it was very good that the Oilers nurses won by 1-0. He bounced a couple of times before, a shot by Nick Ritchie came close and he almost did not get rid of it, and another one repeated the video review, and he crossed the right line but did not cross it enough. In the end, the explosion of Ryan Getzlkaf found a helpless spot in the back part, in the last frame, when he was frozen in ice for a couple of minutes. 25 shots, 23 save, save .920 percent.

# 23 Ryan Spooner, 4. When he warned of his offensive potential, he tried to penetrate Ducks defender, but kicked one shot on a good footing. The play of several meetings had at least Ducks. The flow of behavior was in favor of Anaheim for 15 minutes and a half, all in Evens.

# 25 Darnell Nurse, 6. He scored 6 goals, but there was no equal goal. Oilers dominated the care of the game flow. Reasons have been made for a couple of matches.

# 27 Milan Lucic, 5. The process was powerful in the new "Identity Line" of Oilers (a Hitchcock sentence by Kevin Quinn that caused death all afternoon). Oilers made 17 shots in 4 goals and scored 14 goals in Lucic, 10-2 on real shots. When raw reality was noticed by Josh Mahura, it was not only revealed, but Ducks powerplay brought Oilers vet, he called power and had a bad behavior. He shot 6 goals and shot 3 shots in the net. Skated hard and good puck positions. But … When he got stuck he wound his ice in his wicked wings, floating in the middle of the ice and did not identify the risk man until the second division was late.

# 28 Kyle Brodziak, 6. 2:55 teams were sentenced to 2-2, and added 13 minutes to the area, Oilers controlled, to a large extent, the game. The second consecutive game in Hogoku was FOGO (no hurry / down), 6/13 = 46% month after night. It was a great opportunity to score 2-0, but it was not possible to hit Kassian's feed. But it was the only one that came out of the last minute breakdown, after both sucked on the left side, and despite the effort, he could not score the Rakell point.

# 29 Leon Draisaitl, 4. In good powerplay, Edmonton's 8 Grade option was produced in 5 minutes and achieved only 3 minutes and a half. His first RNH goal and non-credit. But there were some problems on Puck's defensive sides, including a video checkup game with no billing. The winning player suddenly won a wonderful stretch of Brandon Montour, and Rakel struggled hard on the net and was hard to shoot. 8/13 = 62%, but the extra time lost the key he had previously owned.

# 39 Alex Chiasson, 6. He won the 4 best chance of winning the best player, including a couple of brilliant side of his stick, and achieved the goal of loneliness. He strengthened the line with RNH and Spooner to do more than anything, shot 4 attempts, 10 against. Play 17:22 continues to gain confidence in his buses in various situations.

# 44 Zack Kassian, 5. Too bad to grind more on the third line. He made 0 shots – five (5) Oilers went ahead with this distinction, but Brodziak made a nice 2-a-side pass, all sealing the right. 5 hits. But it was part of the game's pain in the sequence, because he was punched by two other team members, but he was unable to play with Puck.

# 65 Cooper Marody, 4. It happened again for the rookie, who played at 2:40 for the first time in the 39 second half frame, and there was nothing in the whole stretch. Third time, starting with its four game calls under 5:00 p.m. and under 0:00 in the last frame. It is not surprising that this observer was assigned to AHL after the match. There will always be 18 minutes in Bakersfield over 3 in Edmonton.

# 77 Oscar Klefbom, 6. He joined a teammate at 7:23 p.m. and 12 (!) Was an attempted kick, 5 of which was goal, although his score kicked him into a seemingly empty (0 goals in 22 games). The ticket has scored 4 scores in Edmonton powerplay very efficiently. The objective of the mining sequence was that it was captured in the evil side of the slot, and it was rounded off at 2 hours when it was directly decoyed and it was the result of zero misery. In their eyes, Oscar is increasingly moving puck with "good plays" with good ice.

# 83 Matt Benning, 3. Each game is an adventure in these days by Benning, which is shared by these adventures at the end of the defense. He was tired of a sequence, where he lost his balance in the corner and could hardly finish with Ritchie maurauding, which was a great part of the game. The entire whirlwind of Puck was one-timer. His last moment has had a tremendous weight lately, losing his balance, falling stick, etc. Trapped by Anaheim jailbreak and Jakob Silfverberg got a great chance. It seems that it is over pressed imurgent

# 91 Drake Caggiula, 4. He played 16 minutes with two major races and made 0 shots. He had challenging moments in defense, especially when Adam Pinguino was looking good. He made a good defense defensive 2-on-2, the man who covered the point of tightening, who was pleasing to his man and dropped it to the corner.

# 93 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 7. Only oilers got a great sequence, where he pucked the puck first and won a race to win a strange powerplay; He then made a great stop for defense before breaking down an apparent Ducks breakaway, attacking a few seconds later to bury McDavid's flurry and retract behind another Gibson. Also the strongest force. Point 1/9 = 11 was struggling.

# 97 Connor McDavid, 6. In the first line of Oilers, McDavid did not get much. McDavid also participated in the 5 V5 grade level staples with Staples account (I saw one, I thought what I would look at). His team had the best watch on the shooter (+14 / -7) but he made it into. McDavid snapped the stick of Andrew Cogliano slowly, and in some way, the dartman fled. Ever since Edmonton had won the podium twice, especially when the goal of Oilers was reached, RNH played a great part in the 32nd season. They did a great job with the area, with safe puck, but the team of the line cycles saw the team, tying the goal goal. It was at this time that he overcame the excellent stretch of Montour, which heated at the beginning and could not compete or hold. 2/7 = 29%.


Post-game podcast

Not again! Yes again Oilers have taken the Anaheim Ducks to starvation directly at the end of the game. Sigh. Bruce McCurdy and David Staples joined the 2-1 loss of extra time.

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