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Player Ratings: Oilers pulled a McRabbit from one hat to the other, steals both points and Panthers

Panther 3, Oilers 4 * (SO)

59 minutes Edmonton Oilers could not literally take her own. They finished a 28-16 time trial, and more importantly, 3-2. Panther won three times, and two goals were scored by both defenders of the oilers. No fluke or lie, the argument (and it was) could be the merit of the home team.

But in the second half of the month, the familiar heroes of the generation of oil were a couple. The first Leon Draisaitl joined a goring, which was similar to James Reimer's guitar, as it was identical to Connor Hellebuyck's twin. While Draisaitl was dying at Rogers Palace in the final game, 3 Jets a New Year's Eve tonight. But this time the tracking script was happier, it ended: Drauckler joined Draisaitler next to the line, where Connor McDavid found the perfect perfume, the phenomenon picked up eight clock clocks in the home, a much better way to secure the point and 50% Another chance to win.

Come overtime, from the forestry outlet from the Oilers, the main property and shot at 6 shots in Reimer, which was basically in 20 minutes of three minutes. They could not fix it, but they could not shoot. When the first Ryan Nugent-Hopkins won McDavid, Cam Talbot released another two French Sniper yesterday, and Oilers went two points for the first two months.

But in the first 59 minutes? Hoo boy. Oilers hardly struggled to create little things and had some long stretches behind their blubble.

Alas, television television readers were even worse than many, the effect of the stroke effect on the Sportsnet broadcasting system. Although this observer was finally able to find an Internet portal, I had to admit that I had not been able to find my standard of study. But I saw that it was enough for some players to get Oilers to win in a win in the game. Mind you, did not make the visitor a game in David Staples. count In the 59th minute the two teams combined in the 59th scored 5 points, Oilers made 7 straight in the last 6 minutes. Strange game


Player ratings

# 4 Kris Russell, 7. He played for 24 minutes at Oilers, and the best was to match. Oilers was the best defender. While conducting his partner's offensive as offensive, Russell assisted the defense stations against fights against Jonathan Huberdeau and Alexander Barkov against each other. He took a penalty after a billing. Good night won +2 night.

# 5 Kevin Gravel, 4. Oilers' third-party partnerships were rarely used, and it was likely to get a northbound move. The game has only 3 shots, 11 against its 12 minutes in strength.

# 6 Adam Larsson, 3. His game went to the south and his burial buried him. He has participated in less than three goals in the last two matches, due to this luck puck luck. Only on the night, but it had to be seen, many times over, it was believed, Caleb Jones took a shot at the foot and took the Larsson stick and got into the hole Oil 3 -2 down, 6 minutes it's just that. That made Larsson a cherry tree, and he had a great fight defense in the game (including the goals of the Second Screen in the management of the poor) and was not so bright.

# 16 Jujhar Khaira, 4. Show a couple of flashes but nothing. He played 13 minutes and produced 0 "incidents": attempted shots, hits and defensive stops. Shot attempts were + 4 / -11 and goals + 0 / -1 in his custody. He was sentenced to penalty in the penitentiary interference of the goalkeeper, because the group was set for opposition, but then punished. 4/10 = 40% point.

# 22 Tobias Rieder, 4. At last he shot in the crossbar, and a decent one, in the last minutes of the extra hour, was surprisingly surprising. But the majority of the game was not a factor, unless Florida defended the first goal defense. Network photos were 3 + 12/12 in 12 ½ 5v5 minutes. He made the best work for the punishment.

# 23 Ryan Spooner, 4. Marginal player in marginal role. 0 plane. His best moments were in the defense of the puck (2 hits, 1 takeaway, 1 shot block). He just played at 6:30 that night.

# 25 Darnell Nurse, 9. Absolute absolute all night, Nurse played a 31.49 monster in 38 rounds, the two senior team players of the season – the TOi defense team is targeting all three disciplines … or four, three times, 3v3. 2:45. He also made 12 shots and 8 shots in the club (one of the 11 full-length members), with 4 hits and 2 blocks. Now, he achieved the goal of the first oilers, the second one was set up and the third was built to take part, +3 days later. All over the ice

# 27 Milan Lucic, 5. A great opportunity at the beginning (I am told), RNH and Puljujarvi lines, largely, on its own. But his position error was about the second goal of Florida. Later, a key lock and zone hole were made to allow the team to change their tiredness.

# 28 Kyle Brodziak, 4. It is not the main factor. He spent 6 minutes in Evens and another 1:25 p.m. where he did his best job. 4/7 = 57% in the face circle.

# 29 Leon Draisaitl, 8. 28:34 played a giant, second in the NHL throughout the race … After a boy named "Leon Draisaitl", who played 28:46 in another 65-year-old Oilers. His legs moved and rumored in various areas. He threw two penalties, one of them was actually called. A great dot (13/21 = 62%), one of those wins giving McDavid the first goal. Since then, the objective of the last goal that won the game was critical, because it was a great traffic, and found the best sticks on the edge of the blue paint. It was a wonderful time to start, especially when it started its purity, the big man made a rush to make 3-on-2 rush. Then McDavid retrieved the ball a little bit earlier.

# 33 Cam Talbot, 5. In front of the fair face of rubber and the pressure of the zone, but it is quite difficult for some shots. Frank Vatrano won the outfit with his stick under his arm, and Denis Malgin eventually turned a bad recovery. There is no chance. His best wins at that time left Huberdeau and Barkov. He pulled out a couple of facial masks. 30 shots, 27 saves, .900 save percent.

# 39 Alex Chiasson, 7. Nurse Oilers' first goal back, and critical puck recovery and nutrition for Draisaitl 3-3 is crucial. He won almost the RNH's changing pace with a change in transition, with James Reimer winning almost a quarter. Hitchcock played his massive horsepower on the night at 23:42.

# 44 Zack Kassian, 4. Patinated well but it did not happen much.

# 45 Joseph Gambardella, incomplete. The game was not hurt, with the decision of coaches, playing only 2:21, when everything opened.

# 82 Caleb Jones, 4. The first Panthers caught napping when the first goal was to smoke a strain. Desperately unhappy 3-2 race. But Hitchcock kept up the pitch, at 22:49 playing boy in all situations, including extra 6 to 5 hours and 2 hours extra. They showed us a good trial and execution in the zones. He made a brilliant stop at Florida 2 on Colton Sceviour's puck carrier, and interrupted the impulse.

# 83 Matt Benning, 4. In line with the third equation, it passed to nightlife. Mix most importantly Gol +0 / -0.

# 93 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 7. Like Draisaitl, some time passed in the middle, some on the slopes, and they went on a couple of occasions together. With the best club cash flows + attempt at a 5V5 / 10-season season. His 22:35 ranked fourth in the quarterfinals of the most advanced Oilers, but Hitchcock picked up a 5-minute 7-minute focus on Big Four. The striker made 6 shots. The leading oilers were among the leading hits, 3, and 8/10 = 80% in sharp faces. Finally, McDavid, thanks to the famous backhand saucer, tried to move the phenomenon between his legs, but he failed. RNH has had a great victory over the past few hours, and it's a little bit hard to get on the net. He scored the "Shooter game deciding" score, he was not found in his boxcars.

# 97 Connor McDavid, 8. That night, it was commonplace that Wayne Gretzky once did an observation, he thought that "he did not quite play on his game, he did not quite click on it, he was getting into trouble, yada yada," but then he looked at the summary, goal "and, ultimately, the winningly massively positive factor. It was a great reason for the sledding to be that it was a tough league in Florida when Aleksander Barkov was a grill in the 97's and much more, still somehow past 2-1-3, 2 was placed on the board, justification in two shots, two goals, and one more for a long time. Edmonton took part in the 7 points Grade 7 Grade, he said, adding the game Hit ™ He was the usual fellow OHL exception, with the first general draft by Aaron Ekblad. Oh yeah, add all the shootings snipe but stamp them up.

# 98 Jesse Puljujarvi, 5. Solid defense did not create much. It was an unfortunate one, even though he got a comic-shaped tumble and he failed to enter the board, fortunately, he was not hurt. Perhaps his game summed up a game that was a chance to quickly go through an opportunity through steam in the center of Draisaitl, but took an extraordinary second division to try and check his play forehand play. The attackers must be the league's most successful champion, and J.P. continues.


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