Wednesday , October 20 2021

PlayStation Classic Off to Sluggish Sales Start in Japan


Sony PlayStation Classic premiered retail trade earlier this month; And when he made promises of the game of the 90s, he was not very rich. Nintendo does not provide as much experience as the plug-and-play console. And, apparently, it is not sold too.

Play Station

A new Media Sort report indicates that the system sells 120,000 units in its first week. However, it is not in any way "bomb", behind the 369,000 SNES Classic units sold in its first four days, based on the Famitsu numbers.

In that sense, some gamers in the United States have been noticed in a wide range of PlayStation Classic stores shelves. Although sales numbers were still not part of the Sony division of America, flying the door is not so easy.

Once released on the market, NES Classic and SNES Classic have sold millions of units, as well as fans (as well as us). PlayStation Classic, however, has had several problems, such as serious emulation problems, dubious gaming selections and controllers problems.

There are some Sony parts that are awful in PlayStation Classic. First of all, hackers have found a way to add more system games, including some of the favorites that can not be officially added to licensing. In the end, many traders have offered bargaining offers to sell the system, including a gift card of $ 25 from regular rates. These should still be needed while reading this, so take a look.

It's interesting to watch PlayStation Classic over time, especially if Sony drops $ 25 or $ 50.

In my review I stated, "It is the only thing to revive a long-lost era, but it's important, indispensable– To do this with the product flow and accuracy. Make yourself a favor and put a real PlayStation down, or the classics instead of PlayStation 3 and Vita. You will feel soooo much better. "

PlayStation Classic is now available, but we recommend NES Classic or SNES Classic instead. And you want to move on

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