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Potential Halifax CFL group name "Schooners and Storm & # 39; is a horse race sport


HALIFAX – The name of the proposed CFL team in Halifax is that this competition seems to be a horse race between Atlantic Schooners and Atlantic Storm, according to employers who want to buy a franchise with the largest Atlantic city in Canada.

In an interview, Anthony LeBlanc, the Marine Soccer Elkartegiak, would not say the name of the top, although Schooners will announce the Schooners announcement after announcing it on the Edmonton Gray vacations.

"I'm surprised it's as close as that," leBlance said in a competition.

Sea Soccer has presented a list of four possible starting eleven names: Atlantic Admirals, Convoy, Storm and Schooners.

The people set in the card season have also been able to send their team names, and at least two – Plots and Destroyers – was intriguing, said LeBlanc.

Privateer was said to be a favorite, but ultimately it can not be used.

"Unfortunately (Privacy) has already secured local lacrosse groups," he said.

The exclusive competition has been included in the season unit two weeks ago.

LeBlanc said the team has received more than 5,000 deposits for fans of $ 50 per day, the first list of season tickets and first-time seats in the priority list.

"When we have not made any payment paid for any commercialized market, this factor is a good number of phenomena," said LeBlanc. "I joined the CFL of some of the governors last week and hopefully the results were amazed."

LeBlanc said the details would also be open to announce a wider campaign on Friday events.

It has previously been said that it is very important that it can reach 12,000 points with a seating of 24,000 seats.

On the other hand, the Canadian Football League said that it has not seen a minimum of season ticket.

A group of cooperation efforts on the land has cleared an important obstacle last month after the Regional Council of Halifax directed the city staff members to the team stage proposal after conducting business case studies. Partners have proposed the land plot of Shannon Park in the east of Halifax Port, as a stadium, and $ 170 million and $ 190 million in public money.

LeBlanc said his team met last week the chief of the municipal administration, Jacques Dube, and other high-level officials to "overcome concepts and ideas."

Dube will present the Dube package at the beginning or mid-December, so the rise in the analysis fees can be made with the financing model of the stadium called the funding.

According to the proposal, the development of the owner of Shannon Park would pay taxes on real estate, but the money would be abandoned by the municipality and returned as an anti-theft debt.

Other options will also be taken into account for the general walking bill, the rise in the hotel marketing rate and the new rental wage tax.

"The biggest reason, and no one left, is a dangerous risk for each participant and there is an acceptable level of risk here," said LeBlance. "Everyone has always said the same thing: they want to see the numbers, that's why we're working."

The public consultation on the proposed stadium site will probably start in January with the current owners of the Canadian Rural Company.

LeBlanc hopes that the city hopes to study the results of the analysis of municipalities in the municipal districts.

Friday's team name with Edmonton announcement, Randy Ambrosie CFL curator will be at the Halifax HFX Sports bar simulcast at 9:00 p.m. local time

"I do not think that night will be controversial," said LeBlanc. "Obviously, everyone thinks they're the name of the team, thankfully everyone embraces it and it's fun."

Keith Doucette, The Canadian Press

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