Monday , October 18 2021

Prairie Refraction & # 39; "blackface" products & # 39; removes them


Prada has removed several of its products after sales of products from all over the world.

"The Prada Group never wants to ban anyone," the luxury clothing brand posted on Twitter on Friday.

Backlash began earlier this week when the pictures began to circulate in social media, showing traditional earrings illustrated by juxtaposed elements.

Chinyere Ezie, a lawyer in the United States of Constitutional Rights, published some Facebook photos after seeing the window window in New York.

Shaking Fury & # 39;

"I went into the store with a colleague, not surprising with surprising examples," he published on Thursday.

No one said that he had left the image "struck by anger."

"This iconography used throughout history has dwindled and wept black people and brought us closer to our humanity," he added in a statement in CBC News.

It sends messages through social networks and has received thousands of shares, delights and comments, such as the Talib Kweli hip hop artist.

"I do not know if Prada's new black line has seen, but they have more explanations than the products," he posted on Twitter to more than a million of his followers.

Punkamalia online monster dresses like Punkamalia, which are described as "fantastic charms", include small and small colored toys with around $ 650.

The company calls 'imaginary creatures'

The company describes the product line as "the family of a new mysterious and mysterious new piece of biological fragment," and they have names like Otto, Toto and Disco.

Black and brown versions are reddish reddish, commonly used as black characters, and are not available on the Italian company website.

"Imaginary creatures do not want to be real world references and they are not black," said Prada, specializing in high-quality clothes, leather bags and shoes.

"We use all kinds of racism and racism, we will remove the characters that are of interest to you on screen and in circulation."

The Human Rights Commission announced in New York on Friday that Prada was reacting to social networks that were undergoing research.

Higher fashion, low-end awareness

Polemics is another example of luxury fashion market. There is a lack of cultural awareness.

Dolce & Gabbana's Italian designers were apologized in November after a lot of social network announcements, when the Chinese model tries to eat Italian food with the puppets. Fiastakas, the message that broke out of private messaging in private media, far away from China, meant a significant fashion show in the country's brand.

Prada and Dolce & Gabbana overcome the boycott of social media media.

Notes on Blackface were also hosted by NBC hosted in October by Megyn Kelly.

After the apology he released Prada, Ezie told CBC News that he felt "unwanted" on Sunday.

"In addition to being deeper and responsible for negligence, they were trying to ease the problem of racism and black issues," he said.

He added on Facebook an updated post at the weekend: "To be insolent people in positions of leadership, to avoid misery".

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