Tuesday , May 18 2021

Premier Ford's OC Transpo Bus Crash statement

Premier Ford's OC Transpo Bus Crash statement

Currently, Premier Doug Ford made the following statement on the Westbound 269 OC Transpo bus accident:

"I was shocked by the terrible tragedy in the Westboro station at Ottowa when I heard a terrible tragedy in Otowa Street, which is a difficult day for the nation's capital, and my heart goes to the victims and their loved ones, the people of Ontario tonight in their hearts.

Likewise, I want to applaud our first responsibilities, the heroic efforts of our emergency nurses and doctors, and everyone I call today. You have once again shown that the province has been happy in the first line, to save lives every day.

For the people of Ottawa, I know that everyone else shares in your hurt tonight. We are grieves with you and we are with you. "

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