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Preparing to Dress Langley's Christmas Office – Langley Advance


Eighth Thank you for the Christmas dinner, the $ 2,000 personalized exhibit of the Wild Moon & Star artist from Fort Langley, featured by Susan Designer at Christmas Room, Cascades Casino and the Convention Center.

For $ 10, people could buy a Christmas cracker that could get the necklace and other items.

Likewise, there is also a quartet of the Langley Community Music School, when there were a holiday gift, participants were inspected on a table of silent auction donation tables.

And, once they were all dancing, Australian Adam Lucas's tribute paid tribute to the Canadian crooner Michael Bublé.

Every year, the Christmas Office fundraisers sell slightly faster.

This year, more than a month before the event, the tickets went "in two days", said Kirsten Charlesworth, one of the volunteers.

MORE CLOSURE: Langley's annual Christmas tea is totally overwhelming

FIRST: Christmas tea is full of tradition

Eighth-yearly fundraising students attended.

Originally known as Mayor's Wives Tea, Debbie Froese's fundraising event began, and her husband was the mayor of the town, Jack Froese and Charlene Fassbender, former mayor of Peter Fassbender.

This year, Froese and Jean Schaffer attended the ceremony, and former husband and wife Ted Schaffer.

Recently retired Schaffer explained that the recently elected mayor of Val van den Broek "carried out" tea and a Christmas breakfast.

"I'm just here to help my half better," said Schaffer.

The hundred percent of the funds and the donation items go to the office, because the sponsor covers all the costs.

See a picture of the afternoon almbum here.

500 people were welcomed to the public: a Christmas Tea Fundraiser in Langley. Black Press photo

Rich Australian Adam Lucas Michael Bublé paid tribute to greetings – A Christmas Tea Fundraiser. Black Press photo

Debbie Froese. Black Press photo

Jean Schaffer. Black Press photo

There were many elegant hats, including this tribute season. Black Press photo

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