Thursday , January 21 2021

Preset cards are stolen and damaged to abuse the users

After a year and a half of Presto's card, Heather Dixon realized Tuesday night that his IR train was frustrated and disappeared.

Lost cards Dixon declared an "incredible idea" in the chain of events declared by the entire Presto system Twitter thread.

"I knew I never lost my card," said CBC Toronto. "But I did not realize what happened."

After losing his card, Dixon went online to cancel it. When he went to the Presto site, someone used the Toronto card free of charge.

"It was worried about what would be used all the time today, and maybe the auto-burden would happen again," said Dixon, from Burlington to Toronto.

Dixon has canceled an online card, but Presto has indicated that the user is responsible for all costs of a 24-hour card, even if it is canceled.

According to Metrolinx spokesman for Prestige, Presto's transportable system compatibility (TTC, GO Transit, and other GTHA agencies) can update their existing systems beforehand.

"The cars may have a few funds over time before canceling it officially, but keep in mind that it's a ticket," said Anne Marie Aikins. "It's not people to spend hundreds and hundreds or thousands of dollars."

Heather Dixon has lost his card right away, but someone has yet to go through $ 21 before blocking the card. (Sue Goodspeed / CBC)

In the case of Dixon, when using the card, they had to pay $ 21 fares before blocking the card completely.

"It seems very curious that it will last 24 hours and you will have bad luck," said Dixon. "There are bundles for work".

Under the guidance of the dealer, Dixon will pay $ 21 for his new ticket.

Damaged cards

The Presto system has been in trouble since its inception, and especially focused on billboard readers.

In December, the mayor of Toronto, John Tory, invited the province to "program this program", and the TTC trade unions called "debacule". From January, nowadays, the user is the only way to drive TTC to the Metropass.

Users of various carriers are now guided by the reliability of the online Savings Account, which is confusing and complicated.

As Dixon, Adam Rathwell's user-friendly system was recently rewritten after its original Presto card was damaged and unused.

Adam Rathwell with the third Presto card for many months. (Martin Trainor / CBC)

He asked for a new one and registered the card, with the intention of transferring the money like "any other membership card".

He was surprised to know that it was not possible because the new card had already been activated.

"It's not like that," said Rathwelle. "The card is not something that is offensive and something to the forefront."

Jennifer Hollett, the former Toronto city mathematician, lived in the same problem in December and shared the story of the media.

He remembers that he felt "to be burst", a Presto customer service agent said he had not transferred the already-registered money. Like Rathwell, he asked for a third card before transferring money.

"I've told this story to some of my friends, and so they're confusing what they want to repeat the story," Hollett said. "I say it again, and I'm still confused."

Ready making changes

Rathwelle replaces the "damaged bundles" replacing the damaged card and was not intuitive.

Aikins said that Metrolinx actively works in the new account system, where the funds could be linked to a user account, rather than the card itself. This change can make it easier for users to move funds and avoid situations like Rathwell.

In the meantime, Aikins has said that people can access the money associated with the damaged cards, as long as they follow the appropriate steps.

"It's not a perfect system in any way, but it's better to lose all the funds," he said.

In 2019, Rathwelle says the system must be much more sophisticated and streamlined.

"It has a great potential, Presto card," he said. "It works great when it does not work, but it shows all the system errors."

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