Thursday , June 8 2023

Prince Harry Sentebale to celebrate AIDS World Day


According to Meaghan Wray

Prince Harry Young people are at the heart of many initiatives,
and will again face up to Sentebale's future campaign
a very important cause. World AIDS Day (December 1), charity Let Youth Lead
Lawyers are taking talks on the Botswana radio stations

This initiative aims to foster this generation to fight
Against the virus, they will be done through campaigns called "Radio"
Positive "- Five hours of young people talking about African epidemics
the young man demands access to the movement. With cords and help
The passion for defending the name of the young voices of Harry, the participants
They can speak literally about HIV / AIDS and end the stigma
discrimination in the country.

But this is definitely not the first time the 34th prince has worked
to mobilize the efforts to re-engage in dialogue on the continent's health
epidemic In 2016, it was the face of the Sentebale campaign
#FeelNoShame, where he encouraged people to spread their struggle. in
The video said: "To show us
Lesotho children's support [where Sentebale works] and help reduce it
The stigma of all those who influence HIV is becoming a World AIDS Day
That day, no one should feel embarrassed about his secrets. Together, we can not
It's about stigmatizing HIV and going to the young
They deserve childhood. Childhood makes so much to us. "

Prince Harry
and to ensure the organization organized by the prince princess Lesothas in 2006
helping and making progress in the weakest children in the country
lead a healthy life. More than a decade, Princess Diana's son has offered a lot
His life is to emphasize the urgent and most urgent need for extreme poverty
Those who suffer from HIV / AIDS are also close mother's heart. He put his first inspiration
In 2004, the gap in Lesotho became the following reason
As the HIV virus has been published, since Rihanna celebrated the day of AIDS in Barbados
2016 and once again to mark the National HIV Examination in 2018.

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