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PS Plus PS4 games for free in February 2019, including Honor and Hitman

In February of 2019, PS Plus games are on the way and there is a new range of PS4 titles to access PlayStation online subscribers to download at a high price of zero pounds.

Ubisoft is a game that fights third-party people in 2017, a Viking, Samurai or Knight, who plays epic battles against army or other players. Each group has different classes, play and strengths and weaknesses.

Mechanical fighting involves a bit more than a typical hack-and-slash title, making it an important part of your location and attack angle and blocking your enemy by pausing and stealing.

It is a single-player campaign that will help you teach mechanics, but the Extraordinary Appeal for Honor is its diverse player. The usual death penalty and zone control matches are related to Faction War mode, which are a permanent dispute with permanent conflict, who fight for their territory and win new gear.

Honorary Honor Voices

Another PS4 game released in February is Hitman: The Complete First Season, a sale called IO Interactive 2016. Although it's the first episode released episode format, it includes all the levels in one package.

The contract killer, Agent 47, has been involved in another international assassination spree, taking him from Hokkaide to Paris. Each level offers you the chance to get closer to the one you like.

Honor and Hitman can be downloaded for free until March 5.

Fortune drives Hitman's bald head

PS3 and PS Vita owners get bad news for this month. The good news is that the high-end fighting game Divekick (PS3, Vita), Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3), tower title Gunhouse and 2D aerial combat game Rogue Aces (both Vita and Crossbuy PS4) are running from January 5 to 8 March.

The bad news is that Sony PS3 and Vita will stop playing the PS Plus monthly free promotion game. PS4's lack of retroactivity and commitment to the original people of the PS3 would not be inevitable, but even though it did not jump to PS4, this is just a couple of your latest choices.

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