Friday , June 18 2021

PUBGI's Vikendi snowboard map has been leaked, PUBG can be published with PS4

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PUBG will soon arrive on the Vikendi map from Q1 to 2018.

Player A well-known Battlegrounds (PUBG), the game of the kings of the town will soon get the Vikendi snow map. It was previously reported that the map would be released sometime in Q1 2018. Now, depending on the YouTube channel name AllthenewsisgoodnewsLooks at how the map will be digitized and displayed. It has increased to the Map server, which means that Tencent Games can do it directly.

The regenerated map shows that this game is now a huge cosmodrome with rocket, command center, satellites and towers. The map is missing anywhere and may not be inaccurate to the microfunctions that will be included on the map, after doing online.

Sony recently launched the pre-game orders with PS Storer. The list was the duration of the Vikendi event, which was expected to go directly to consumers in 2019. Given the leak, it is very difficult for Tencent Games to release it with PUBG PS4 on December 7.

The recently published Tencent Games PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 update on iOS and Android. Together with the update, the company has launched the work begun for the season 4 season to restore progress and add new features. The update adds a new fashion game, vehicle, weapon, extravaganza, hairstyle and much more.

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PUBG is a game of online kings. In it, 100 players land on the ground, gaining and winning their collection skills and survival instincts. In order to make a cool circle of circles in an interesting and fun way of playing, players will be safe and will not cause any harm. To win the hypothetical dinner for chicken, players must become the latest man. It is currently playing on PC, Xbox One and Mobile platforms.

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