Tuesday , January 19 2021

Public 14-year violations and handling & # 39; It is protected, as the judge says

WARNING: The details below may be boring for readers.

CORNER BROOK, N.L. – The boy is just 14 but the victim is younger.

In September, he left a 12-year-old girl in an abandoned building, where the other youngsters pulled each other and knocked a knife.

Then he weakened the unconscious.

Now, a judge in Newfoundland has imposed a 10-month sentence, which has already been in excess of 30 days – in a safe custody and supervision.

Judge Wayne Gorman acknowledged the abusive boy's life: he suffered partial alcohol syndromes and has removed him from the caregiver's parents a year ago due to non-treatment and drug use.

But Gorman criticized the Crown and defense suggestions for refusing to take care of the guard – the judge said simply that he was not ready for the community.

"Rehabilitation of young delinquents is one of the main objectives of the Law on the Criminal Justice of Youth, but it is not the sole purpose of legislation, such as the public's protection goal," said Gorman. His trial decision this month.

"He is just 14 years old and has a desperate need of treatment and supervised control."

The boys' grandmothers, who were in custody, checked the boy's servants, and scared himself and himself as he could.

He was compassionate, but the judge has shown no remedies and has violence and abuse, describes him as "uncontrollable, violent and manipulative as a young man" so that his actions affect others. according to the orders of the jury.

He had 125 "conduct incidents" at 7, and at 66, 8, only when he was in school.

A psychological report said the boy said that "he said he could do more to fight and blow he's been harder than remembering, he went ahead and helped others, who put their opponents on the floor and sometimes did not get street fighting for other reasons than satisfaction."

This sentence by Gorman has many crimes this year, such as window breaks, break-in and robbery of tickets for kiosk Lot Corner Brook.

But it was the incident on the 21st of September when most court care was taken.

The boys and other children passed the school and went to an abandoned building to attack a 12-year-old girl, who thought they were a "rat".

A knife was thrown on his throat, he kneeled and kicked. He told me that the building was "a good place to kill someone" and that his body was not found.

A 14-year-old boy gave a boy until he opened the door and cooled with a knife on his chest.

When he got back to school, he told anyone who said he would die. The next day they were arrested.

Corona and defense were recommended for a six-month custodial sentence and custodial sentence. Gorman said he would not have to rehabilitate that boy or protect him from the public.

"He's a 12-year-old girl who has been in an innocent and well-liked girl, because he was revenged on what he felt for his rat. (He) reported on his actions and showed little remedies. Empathy has not shown her "said the judge.

"It's public and it's the risk of her grandmother."

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