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Quitting smoking is not easy, but it's worth it, he says


BRIDGEPORT – Just last week, country smokers participated in Great American Smokeout.

Nowadays, billions of smokers in the world are fighting every day to end the addiction to nicotine and tobacco products.

"Most doctors believe that patients are struggling to quit smoking," said Dr. Elizabeth Hess, UHC Family Medicine, at the latest edition of The Gary Bowden Show at WAJR-Clarksburg.

"I believe that statistics have at least 10 smokers who have 10 daily routines, they may not accept it more, but it is very difficult."

Hess has two tips for getting out of both sides.

"It's never going to leave late," he said. "And then you can quit to succeed and help them to believe that they can use some of these available tools."

When using these resources, Hess said that everyone is different from those who work with them.

For some it takes medication. Others might be sub-classes and others may get the turkey to the cold.

"We stop smoking, support programs, coaching programs online, phone, team support, and many people help. Then, when I walked out, I said:" I let go of it, throw it in and look back ", say Hess: "You can see the spectrum of successful stories, but it is a success for those who want to take the first step."

The reason is that smoking is a bad habit.

"Nicotine is an addictive drug, scientists add potential to different substances, and morphine and heroin increase the nicotine rates, which is associated, and your body and brain are receiving this feedback again and again," said Hess. "It is very addictive and very difficult off, so retirement symptoms will be, cravings, and physical withdrawal can be difficult."

He is also a psychological retreat that leaves smoking, Hess said.

"Smoking was a habit or behavior that has been responsible for decades," he said. "It's a part of the routine morning. They go up, they have coffee, they have a cigar, and at 10:30 they go out with their friends, they have a cigar".

The good news is, for those who are capable of going out, the benefits begin almost immediately.

"The initial point is that the relationship between blood pressure and heart rate is normal, so you will get immediate changes with the blood's relaxation and improvement," said Hess. "Together with the airline they begin to regenerate and recover small layers of pimples that help to regenerate the lungs."

Hesses told the smokers that they often cough up and increase their skin production, and that these aircraft are being cleaned and the waste is definitively removed.

"In a month, the air function begins to improve, you waste the waste. It is recovering the immune system, it can not be infected, it can suffer pneumonia and viruses, because it cleans this ventilation," he said.

Even though more than ten or two changes have been made, they start from that last cigarette.

"They can recover cardiovascular functions and reduce cardiovascular disease for 15 years because of almost burning, when the lungs are the same," said Hess. "I think they've been taking them for 15 to 20 years, the risk of lung cancer to be truly non-smokers."

Hess says that it's never been late for the patients, but he said "it's been better," he said.

"Especially in young smokers," he said. "Abandoning smoking under 40 years old, about 90% reduce the risk of dying from smoking."

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