Monday , May 10 2021

R. Kelly's prosecutor denies allegations of abuse of documents

LOS ANGELES – A lawyer from R. Kelly on Friday called a "non-profit piece" named the new series of documentary about I & B singer, claiming that the allegations against the winning Grammy musician were "complete manufacturing".

A 6-month documentary "Survive by R. Kelly," that is, US cable Lifetime channels this month earlier this year brings allegations to some women who have sexually abused Kelly, sometimes with minors.

Kelly, 52, one of Chicago's most popular singer and songwriter is one of her most successful songs, "I Believe I Can Fly"; In recent years, they have denounced allegations of abuse, including those made in the new documentary.

Steve Greenberg, a lawyer at Kelly, on Friday, said he did not have proof of documentary allegations, calling it "fake pieces of unprofitable success and failures".

The Lifetime interviewed Kellyn on several occasions, including allegations of sex, intelligence and physical abuse, as well as interviews with senior directors and producers.

Reuters could not report complaints independently. In 2008, the courts and tribunals for child pornography expenses in Chicago were tested.

"There are women who say things, that is, their prerogative, but there is no evidence whatsoever," said Greenberg documentary.

"Their show has been a factory and a scam," he added. "We are trying to prove the decision."

Lifetime is part of A & E Networks, that is, a collaboration between Hearst Communications and Walt Disney Co.

"Women's stories speak for themselves," said Kannie Yu LaPack Lifetime spokeswoman.

This award has often been a network, documentary Jan. The premiere was 1.9 million viewers and the largest audience in the ages of 25 to 54 years of age between 2 and in other age groups.

After the Aired documentary, the singer Lady Gaga eliminated a duo recorded with Kelly's recorded services and did not work with her again.

Greenberg said that the singer and actress "A Star born Born" are thinking that it is politically correct.

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