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Rabbit wound up with osteoporosis, wake up during sleep: Study

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Anxiety disorder linked to sleep, during sleep: Study & nbsp | & nbsp Credit photo: & nbspThinkstock

New York: Antidepressants or stress-traumatic stress or anxiety are risk factors that are serious and sometimes violent sleep disorders, eye-acceleration movement (REM), sleep disorder disorder, a study says.

REM is a dream come true. A person can avoid violence, dying, shaking his arms, punching or throwing himself, damaging himself or sleeping with a partner. In normal REM, your brain sends signals to your muscles. However, for people with REM sleep disorder, these signs are interrupted.

"While the disorder of REM sleep disorder is hardly known, medications may be affected or may be an early sign of other neurological illnesses, such as Parkinson's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies or atrophic system," said Ronald Postuma, researcher. McGill University in Canada.

For research, the researchers had an average age of 30,097 people, 63. 958 people were identified, or 3.2% of REM sleep disorders were identified, excluding participants in Parkinson's disease, dementia, Alzheimer's or sleep apnea.

Additionally, the findings published in the Neurology journal demonstrated that the 13% of the depression treatment disorder is compared with 6% of the disorder.

People with disorder also had twice as much as possible to have traumatic stress after-stroke and double-stroke their mental illness.

Other findings may double men as women's disorders of REM sleep behavior.

People with REM sleep disorder may be 25 percent more likely to have moderate breast-feeding than confusion.

"Our hope is that our findings will help guide the future research guide, especially the REM sleep disorder, as a sign of future neurodegenerative diseases," said Postuma.

It includes ways to reduce the risk of developing life-threatening and personal identities related to land shocks.

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