Wednesday , January 27 2021

Rainfall freezing ice pellets on Toronto Monday warns of Environment Canada

The city will make frozen sunshine on Monday night, in addition to starting a cold and hot week.

Environmental Canada published a special statement on the afternoon in the morning section of "Light Snow Blended with Ice Pellets". The rain will freeze later in the afternoon, said the agency.

Get those umbrellas up and tight. The environment in Canada says the city needs to knock some frostbite on Monday afternoon.
Get those umbrellas up and tight. The environment in Canada says the city needs to knock some frostbite on Monday afternoon. (Bernard Weil / Picture of Toronto Star)

Mark Schuster's chief meteorologist says rain will be the hardest hit over Hwy. 401. Like Vaughan and Markham. The temperature is expected to be at 0 C, in the morning with a sensation of 16 C, with wind chill, so in stratum.

"If there are storms in the afternoon, it seems to me that it would last for an hour or more, and then there will be a break," said Schuster. "The trace can be the only number of snow, maybe two centimeters up."

But Schuster said the minimum number of snow, weather agencies need to take slow and easy roads.

"With Toronto, it takes only a centimeter to cause circulatory problems," said Schuster.

The rest of the week is not bad, though. On Monday, the ice cream condition will be much warmer on Tuesday, and Schuster wants to have a warmest weekend spot at a temperature of 6 ° C.

It will be enough. Environmental Canada is also predicted to have a 60s chance in the afternoon, along with wind ash from 30 km / h to 50 km / h.

But all good things must end. The temperatures will reach -4 C at night and the GTA can also see a few light, the agency is expected.

The fragrances will continue on Wednesday while the temperature is about 0 C.

Outside that point, do not hang out at night with a lot of outfit. On Wednesday night, it will drop early to -9C. This week the night will shake, but things will be colder.

On Thursday, while Environment Canada is projected on sunny skies, the temperature will be around -5 C at daytime and by night it will fall 12C drops in the sun.

On Friday, it will be slightly reduced, expected to be 6 C and we will not leave tonight, it will be there -10 C, it will be very cold to have fun.

This week, as cold as they start to hear, Schuster said that temperatures may be supposed at that time. The average average is about 10 C, he said.

"At this moment it has not been extended to the cold in the cold to such an extent," said Schuster, saying the weather might be "next or next weeks".

Première D & # 39; Sa is a news article, working in Toronto's radio room. Follow on Twitter: @premila_dsa

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