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Raj Grewal calls for the "right" to resign, the PMO says


Friday's Grewal said the resignation's decision was reversed, the official said, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said "first of all" Grewal was the first impetus.

More than a week Grewal surprised the announcement of the resignation of Parliament Hill, published a video on Facebook, and silence forgot his personal rigor and police investigations in his gambling activities.

He said his resignation was "wrong" at the outset and he hurriedly "very emotional" and exhausted.

Brampton East decides to lower the bet, when it returns at the winter break in January.

But NDP MP Nathan Cullen has said Grewal's video is putting more questions, especially if the MP gets millions of dollars to repay its debts in mortgages, a central Toronto account.

"I think that trying to answer questions that are disturbing about my behavior, Mr. Grewal added more questions," said Cullen's interview on Saturday.

"She decided to borrow a million dollars from her family in lending, to pay off the game debts. Now, family members can make the most of money," said Cullen (Skeena-Bulkey Valley).

"We have sympathy, for compassion for people with dependence, that's not the problem here," he said.

During the weeks of confusion and speculation around Grewal, it was selected in 2015.

Grewal released a weekend silence on video on Facebook to "share my story to learn what happened to Canadians," and increased speculation about police investigations and expenditures.

In the video, a 33-year-old politician determined how university gambling games had costly and costly revenge and spent millions of dollars.

He said he never thought that "he would suffer mental health and dependence issues, but I confess today and take responsibility."

During his time in Ottawa, he stayed at the MP Gatineau hotel, connected to Lac-Leamy Casino. Grewal said that his visit to the casino began to "climb rapidly" in 2016, while high stakes played a high-level blackjack while playing at a table between 15 and 30 minutes.

"I won a lot of money, which earned me to continue to win, or I lost a lot of money, which gave me a full despair," Grewal said.

Nonprofits lost millions of dollars, but Grewal said borrowing money from friends and family.

Globe and Mail has stated that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has investigated Grewal and that its costs are controlled by federal attraction of unusual financial transactions.

But Grewal wanted to clarify questions about his expenses and the origin of his money by checking each personal loan.

"Everyone has paid back, and all loans and refunds are transparent and traceable," he said.

"This has nothing to do with anything wicked, except for feeding my addiction," Grewal said.

"My sins are not based on corruption and disobedience, they are created from human frailty."

According to her publication, Grewal acknowledged her questions about her work on the Commons Finance Committee, and made inquiries about money laundering witnesses.

But Grewal said that the matter had been made by the commission of its staff in its briefing. He suggested that the authorities intend to invent their own game habitually, he said, "it's a reality to stretch."

Grewal said the desire of the Commission to leave something different in September.

The police said his problem was reported to his family on February 5, and he served on the Prime Minister's office on Nov. 19. Three days later he resigned his seat for "personal and medical reasons". The Prime Minister revealed the next day that Grewal was a problem in the game.

Grewal is already investigating the Parliamentary Ethics Committee, which is now also involved in the RCMP. When the opposition parties expressed concern about the conflict of interest, Grewal invited Brampton's chief construction company with cabinet ministers and top government officials.

The company, ZGemi Inc., paid Grewal legal work until it became an MP in 2015 elections. The former Bay Bay lawyer also paid for Brampton office firm Gahir and Associates, who was recently notified of the ethics commissioner.

On Friday night, Grewal said sources of income, above its highest $ 175,000 salary, were admitted by the MP Commissioner of Ethics. He finished his relationship with his employer in January 2018 and continues working with one another to keep his "legal skills". This does not say which work continues.

In Buenos Aires, on Saturday, when the leaders of the G20 met, Trudea said officials had learned from the police that they also asked questions about ethics research, "but we did not link this information because of this problem."

Grewal also directed the details of three credit lines reported in the media. This means that student debt is a mortgage and signed loans in vehicles.

Public records had a $ 1.5 million mortgage in a Bay St account, and in August 2017 they had a loan with three vehicles: one signed with ZGemi Inc. with a Land Rover 2017, $ 116,824 and two others with Jaskarn Dhillon This year before 2018 Jeep Wrangler and 2019 Dodge Ram 1500.

Grewal said in a video that he signed a lease to a friend who had a car, and had his personal vehicle. He also said that he and his wife had bought a condom for $ 1.4 million and mortgaged $ 1 million.

Grewal said his wife had just married four months ago, his illusion was an illusion of the problem because his finances are separate.

The MP said he can not "embarrass and shame to express his problem with the game.

"I know I was very surprised and people asked me how to do the education and privileges."

Alex Ballingall is an American reporter from Ottawa. Follow on Twitter: @aballinga

Bruce Campion-Smith is a reporter from Ottawa who covers national politics. Follow on Twitter: @yowflier

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