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Raptors & # 39; Advertisoby has a lot of time to find his pace

TORONTO – If you participated in the Toronto Raptors home game this season, you have witnessed the presentation of the next game. OG Anunoby says people are frightened, including mammals. Finish the polarization of milk products.

There is no discussion about whether Adboby's responses are presented in the right context. But it is not questioned by its mild stance, a rich protein snack.

"There's no bad thing about the bulldozer," said Anunoby. "I'm not afraid of cottage cheese. It's not true."

This kind of day at Raptors Wednesday, because it has a strange schedule and a three-day break from Toronto. A variety of intrigue will remain on Thursday when the Eastern Conference is in Milwaukee Bucks, and Raptors will join Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam with Kawhi Leonard in the next month's star game.

At least it is surely that Advertisoby will be the NBA's annual Rising Stars game that has been selected for the World Team weekend. It's not a bit of a doubt, but there was no chance to take part in the competition last season. But now, a year later, the NBA played a bad role.

"I was surprised last year – but it's okay," said Anunoby. "It's a great opportunity to play that game, I'm looking forward … Just look at how other players play games and things. Practices habits. Get in and take things into your game."

It is a deserved choice, but it is interesting, however, that the season of Anunoby is zigged and zagged. Toronto operates the second unit, the short periods that appear in the initial row. Group was away for personal reasons. His minutes were as low as 28 and 10. He spent the night in November when he made a two-digit essay on the field. And nights in January a little more offensive than space court.

The only thing is not to find a groove. In a way, he has been playing for his second year for 21 years. Consistency is the most difficult to achieve professional sports, especially in the development of athletes like Adoboby.

But it is still difficult to make a season back in season. In general, it has an average of 2.8 kilos for every 100 positions for 20 minutes per night, and its net 2.9 revenues are greater than 10 for Raptors; . Last season, when Advertisoby played similar games while Toronto started, plus -9.5 was owned by 100, and played at 9.7 net rating rating.

The osmosis is more likely. For every 100 properties, Advertisement has exceeded a percentage of the final trials of the last season. A three-point shot down, but he has won more, and his robberies, congestion, blocks and aids have been consistent. It has not been different. But the units that are playing are getting less and get more points. It happens.

"It's a good player," said Raptors coach coach Nick Nurse. "I still have a track record and I expect it back, and I expect it, there is a lot at the right time, in the right place, and this year it has not been there, but there are still long paths, and I think it's happening for a few moments now."

NBA faults in the league, including 40 Raptors games. Also, get the NHL, MLB, Premier League, CHL and more.

The most distorted game of Advertisoby was the three-point set, up 37 percent to 34 percent, in the last season in the minute 37 and free kick, which rose from 63 percent to 40 percent in this season. It's not what you want. But it is more difficult than the efforts or misfortunes. Shooting can go forward and it would not be for Anunoby to get hot and get its numbers up and down at the end of the season.

And, at its best, it is the dream of a coach from Advertiser. Long and athletic, it can protect different positions, and a variety is included both big and small. As an offensive, he can space the floor with a three-point root or bend his man to the ball and cut it into the basket for fast points. NBA lines continue to grow and are more variable, and it is a type of athlete trained to deal with these systems.

In order to make 30 matches and playoffs so far, Advertisoby wants to recover its pace. He forgot about Future's game last season and over time he was oblivious to this season, he surprised the people with his versatility. He used to emphasize. Typical cheese type.

Donnovan Bennett talks about Toronto Raptors and has been an NBA fan of news, reviews, and conversations.

What a basketball coach can learn football

As I have heard, the Super Bowl will play on Sunday the New England Patriots and the St. Louis Rams. Nurse Rams has been a great fan since she was a baby, who was not only in the northern suburbs of Iowa, nor had she traveled to the neighboring Minnesota Vikings. James Harris liked the nurse, in the mid 70's, that the good Rams teams were very fond of them. The girl was 12 sweater and everything.

Last summer, after nursing coaching in the group, Ramses coach coach talks about Sean McVay from philosophy and some insights. You must cross each other between two wheels than you think.

"I see the great resemblances that play plays, how to organize things," said the nurses. "I wanted to talk to her about the process of making her theater calls – how she got her head from her role as a roommate, and arranges things sooner.

"Actually, it's a great organizational job to watch over a day with a soccer team, and their style of leadership – what kind of things they're doing, what are they in groups, and what was a great experience for me, I went there."

The nurse says she has also done some actions on the team's play football ground. Raptors moves to four courts, moving in the same direction in the same direction, the players put on the brakes and before flowing, the nurse calls the bracelet or schizophrenia, the terminology from football. Likewise, it has designed pieces directed to the players with flowers, as well as the use of the NFL receiver to set up a disguised vehicle and open a team member.

During a time, when seeing a CFL game, nurses received unrivaled receivers when they started performing the ball before starting. The player applied the same techniques in a correct way until the referee made the ball into the outside limits.

"I see the Argonaut idea that they behave one day," he said. "You just brought in, see what it looks like and if it works. There are some crosses."

Siakam and Raptors are waiting for the new star

The best nurse has been to help Siakam star game, to call and call other league coaches to encourage third-party voting. Siakam's numbers speak for themselves. But the nurse has warned her colleagues that Siakam's fracture has occurred.

"I think the strong case is the success of the group, and that's been a big part," she said. "It has been part of a team that has had a lot of missing key guys, it has been a guy who has had a great deal of time, but you have to pay careful attention to that."

Siakam did not say the candidacy of all his stars when he voted for 76ers star Joel Embiid spokesman. But Siakam, of course, was pleased to announce his name when other participants will announce it on Thursday. And, to some extent, his friend wanted to be an automatic selection like Philadelphia.

"It would be very," said Siakam. "It means paying all the hard work you put into it. It's a definitive achievement. But, for me, I'm not worried about where they're going. I want to find out where I am. So for the time being, I will continue working and everything happens. "

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